Brand tarnishing

Sally Zelikovsky does a comparison and contrast in It’s How You Play The Game. The basis that leads to the contrasting behaviors is in the matters of civil behavior.

Many times I tried to engage you in conversation, as many of my like-minded friends have done, only to be met with scorn, ridicule, all too often ignorance and almost always the brush off. People talk a good game about robust debate, but they have shown they don’t live up to it.

This is another observation about “an endless onslaught defaming the brand and, it’s true, you know, if you say it enough, they will believe it.”

I say “unwittingly” because many of you fail to recognize the role you played in this daily onslaught against the President, in particular, and the havoc it wreaked on this country, in general.

When we are rude or intolerant or engage with the mob we do destructive things to our relationships and to our society. We can rationalize our behavior or minimize the value of what we do. That just lets the bleeding from many cuts continue.

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