Jobbing out

While the talking heads on CNN are going after Hannity and the Fox Network for not showing what they think is proper support for the president elect, there is another phenomena gaining visibility that is indicative of a power unveiled and a media complicit endorsement of tactics that do not seem savory.

What is happening now to Sarah Palin is very similar to the ‘jobbing out’ process in Pro-Wrestling and it is a travesty. And no, it hasn’t just started since the election ended, but has been ongoing, with the whispers getting louder and criticism’s stronger as the poll numbers weakened for the GOP ticket. [Michael Sparxx]

Then we have the claims that Palin’s remarks on the campaign provoked violence against her opponents. The original claims turned out to be baseless on investigation. The new claims only show that Palin’s opponents do not give up no matter the facts, no matter the reality, no matter what.

Sure, the media seized on them to distract from the factual pertinent connections between Obama and terrorists/radicals like William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright that Palin was talking about, but outside of claims from clearly non-objective sources there’s nothing to suggest that those things actually happened. [Rob]

And now there are indications that some of this Palin bashing effort is a hoax. That just illustrates the problem of defining a line between what is appropriate and what is not. It seems that when you have to make things up, as has been the case for many BDS issues in the last few years, then it is obviously over the line. But what is, or should be, appropriate? It seems that this has something to do with communications and clarification of an underlying truth that is of greater value than the deception in ‘teaching’ it. That is a values issue and, again, not as simple as it may seem.

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