Another straw man votes for creationism

Dale Franks wonders about the Great Designer at Q&O. He thinks he has something in a conflict between Louis Pasteur’s argument against spontaneous generation and Darwin’s evolution. This is a straw man based on ignorance as is quickly pointed out in the comments.

Confusing abiogenesis with evolution does nothing to advance the debate. In fact, it suppresses it. It’s the trick of the creationist. It’s either a deliberate attempt to derail the debate, or a lack of understanding of the theory of evolution.

Compare it with theories about gravity: physicists don’t fully understand where gravity comes from either. The “why” is not fully understood, but the “how” has an amazing level of depth.[Joe R]

As usually seems the case, the discussion devolves into defense and critique that do little to further understanding. As in Dale Frank’s straw man, there are people who are trying to find rationalization for their feelings by creating dissonance that doesn’t exist or by dismissing nuance that does exist or by delving into inane parsing of definition in total disregard of meaning.

That would be true if they referred to the same thing. As it is, they don’t. [Peter]

It is one thing to try to find out what an argument or thesis means, its limitations, and its context. It is another to attempt to misuse those things to dismiss it.

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