Matters of motivation

It appears that the socialist charge in this campaign is rather sensitive. It was prompted by a candidate’s statement that it was necessary to “spread the wealth around.” The socialism assertion has been called racist and ridiculed. It has been refuted as simply another label for progressive taxation like is already being done.

The issue is a matter of motivation.

Taxation of any sort, progressive or otherwise, is supposedly for the purpose of meeting governmental budget needs. The socialist trends of government programs is separated from the collection of funds from them as a separate decision.

When the collection of taxes becomes directly for the purposes of social justice and spreading the wealth, it crosses the line, removes a step in the process, and declares a motivation for collecting funds that is not just to be budgetary obligations but rather to meet the goals of what is known as socialism.

This particular issue is one of many the revolve around visions of the proper role of government and its structure. Does the public seek a US government in its traditional limited role or in its more modern social interventionist role?

An example of this struggle was picked up by the IBT from the American Thinker in Why The Mortgage Crisis Happened. This is a story going back to the 1930’s of attempts to use the government to force social ‘fairness’ and its current results.

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