Manufactured Outrage

‘Tis the season, it appears, for manufactured outrage. One episode is noted by Jack M.

Here’s the CNN story that started the left’s latest tantrum: “Palin takes heat for saying VP in charge of the Senate.”

This manufactured outrage is just an extension of the “Palin doesn’t know what a VP does” meme that started a few weeks ago

There are many other examples such as the complaints about how nasty McCain’s campaign tactics are or the Palin wardrobe expense or the accusations of racism as a response to criticism.

There are two keys to note about these manufactured outrages. One is that they are ‘found’ to support a predefined viewpoint. The other is that they are placed out of context of any reference that will illustrate just how extensive the manufacturing of outrage really is.

It is one thing to have these manufactured outrages visible. That is Dr. Sanity’s realm. It is yet another that much of the public accepts them as is without any skepticism or inspection. That should be worry.

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