Palin Rx: a case study

Ben Voth examines Palin’s People Power and it provides a case study for several concepts in understanding knowing. Here is an observation about the difference between knowing things and understanding things:

The public rightly suspects that to be “educated” in this country is becoming less about the central tasks of critical thinking and more about fluency in the insidious lingo of political correctness.

Another factor in this campaign involves the meme of ugly and negative tactics which often seems to be more a matter of projection rather than description.

Terms such as racism and sexism are exclusively reserved to the Democratic Party in scolding its opponents when substantive debate is failing.

That this meme heard so often in news and the elite punditry is seen to be flawed by the masses is also noted.

The establishment may be ‘misunderestimating’ public frustration with this long reliable rhetorical arrangement. It is a sad day for argumentation, debate and civic practice when such accusations substitute for good public discourse. It can hardly be a positive indication of a potential world judged on the content of character rather than the color of someone’s skin.

Palin has brought these issues to the surface and may have prepared the field for others like Joe the Plumber. The reaction and response to these ‘common folk’ says more than the message of the words.

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