About that Kool Aid

Its enough to make you wonder whether they have been drinking the Kool-Aid.

Having “drunk the Kool-Aid” also refers to being a strong or fervent believer in a particular philosophy or mission — wholeheartedly or blindly believing in its virtues.

Michelle Malkin describes the delusions in Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look who’s “gripped by insane rage” where the narrative is the “McCain Mob” and the reality is easily seen elsewhere. John has more in Insane Rage? Look in the Mirror. Then there is the Disgusting hit piece on McCain.

Then there are the blatant distortions in campaign adds such as described in Obama’s Health Care Ads

But the most striking (though not surprising) element of it all is the profound and shameless dishonesty of these ads. Factually and substantively speaking, they are all utter nonsense.

Then there’s Obama Lies About Falling Family Incomes which is just another part of the FUD mongering trying to paint the current economy as a recession and déjà vu 1930’s all over again. It gotten so bad that people are going to the mall expecting to be able to shop in peace and alone but finding out when they get there that a whole lot of others had the same idea and the place is not suffering any signs of economic strain as far as shoppers goes.

Of course, you do see a lot of moral equivalencing that asserts that both sides are equally guilty. That is from the milder denialists. Until that changes and reality overcomes the denial behaviors we will continue to be subject to an acceptance of a lack of intellectual integrity as a matter of course. And that does not bode well.

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