new battlefronts of the 5th column

As the new session of Congress starts, one new battlefront has been started and another subject to new activity by the fifth column. The effect if not the intent of these effort is to destroy unity and confidence in the government of the United States.

What a waste of time and effort. Hand recounts and smearing Ohio’s Secretary of State and Chief Justice of their Supreme Court isn’t enough for the lunatics of the American Left. They want to hold Congress hostage for two hours in order to rant away at their abject failure to win an election in Ohio. Their excuse? Long lines and a lack of voting machines in predominantly Democratic counties — where the officials in charge of the election were Democrats! Just as in Florida, the Democrats blame the GOP for what they consider poorly-run elections, when Democrats themselves ran them. [Captain Ed at Boxer Signs Onto Ignominy Captain’s Quarters. 6 Ja 05]

The questions brought up in regards to the Ohio election have been hashed out but still serve as a dead horse to beat to try to promote a dishonest and deceitful effort to impugn the election. Meanwhile, serious questions about the vote in Seattle are being left alone. Serious issues about state versus federal control over the elections process are being ignored.

The new activity battlefront is, of course, the AG nomination hearing for Judge Gonzales. In this one, the effort is to paint the administration as a terrorist organization using torture via proxy. Again, the effort is to impugn the integrity of the US government.

Oh, and another thing: Senator Kerry is doing a Gore by engaging in trash talk in Iraq – to the troops no less.

There are appropriate ways to express opposition, methods established to redress grievances, and standards for conduct that serve to unify and strengthen. What we are seeing is an unprecedented abandonment of these time proven techniques by a major party. Such confrontational methods as the attack on the vote, the attack on the nominees, or the oversees sedition will all come to a point where the loosing will not just be in an election.

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