The Anchoress describes it in ACORN, Media & the Angry Right.

The GOP base is watching the left declare, “free speech for me, but not for thee,” and now, they are getting pissed off.

The latest MSM effort is to use the outbursts of a few individuals at McCain and Palin rallies to paint the candidates and the entire GOP. This is to support and rationalize a view that Republicans are racists, bigots, and, in general, downright evil. Such efforts are beginning to cause a reaction that is rising to the same level as the effort. The deceit is becoming worthy of direct confrontation.

The confrontation is perhaps only a part of it. The other is frustration about why the public seems to buy into it despite it being in such obvious contradiction to reality. We hear about stock market investment for retirement being a ten year or longer issue yet Obama is using the current brouhaha to bash privatization of social security. And this is despite the current dire straights of many government pension obligations.

There is an interesting confluence of Obama with ACORN, Ayers, Chicago politics, voter fraud, improper campaign donation and the attempts to suppress opposing voices. That is almost as ‘interesting’ as how it is covered (or not) by the major media outlets. If people are going to vote for this, shouldn’t they at least be aware of what they are voting for and accept it for what it really is?

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