Protecting the rights of minorities

The failure of absolute democracies in history was a less in the founding of the U.S. government. Mob rule, the two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner fable, and ‘scientific consensus’ all highlight the need to build protections for the rights of minorities in how a government is structured and operated. That is a major source of conflict in today’s politics. Like a toddler pushing the limits of what is allowed, the law and politics are both pushing the rules and customs to find weak spots and to create them if possible.

Alinsky suggested making your opponents live by their own rules [rule 4, see Bolen report]. It seems the word did not get to his friends. Pelosi started a war Jeffries has to finish (David Winston, Roll Call) — “Certainly, there have been times when creating a new precedent has been warranted. … Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi, should have learned from Reid’s mistakes. When breaking precedent, be careful what you wish for. … No one is arguing that Speaker Pelosi didn’t have the power to do what she did. But was it the right thing to do? Her legacy now includes becoming the first speaker to strong-arm a select committee into existence and dictate its composition without the participation of the legitimate minority party leadership. – And it was a major unforced error” — Democrats Hate Being Held to Their Own Standards: Committee Assignments Edition (Guy Benson, Townhall) — “some of this is the ‘play stupid games, win stupid prizes’ effect.  If Democrats didn’t want Republican leaders to pick and choose which of their members could serve on certain committees, they should have left those decisions to the GOP in the last Congress.  Once the die was cast on the other side, it became inevitable that reprisals would follow … Pelosi and company pried open this Pandora’s box, and now they may have to live with the results.” — 

Instapundit » Blog Archive » NO ENEMIES TO THE LEFT: Media outlets keep promoting ‘forest defenders’ and ignoring that they shot … is about the ‘whole truth’ being hidden by the media. Are you up on the Atlanta Antifa riots? Major reporting is trying to make it a Floyd type episode – not the real one but the created on. At least the governor is taking the Leftist violence seriously by calling out the National Guard. The fabrication, rationales, and distortions have another exposure in Eggs and weather cause blood clots; ‘stroke season’; and ‘sudden cardiac arrest’ forms for high schoolers (Olivia Murray, – American Thinker) — “Read on for the most notable of the chart-topping absurdities” — and here’s another one: British government data reveal very similar Covid hospitalization rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated people in many age groups (Alex Berenson) — “The British government calculated that to prevent a single case of severe Covid, nearly 1 million healthy adults under 50 would have to receive a booster.”

Paradigm shift sometimes seems to be getting rather stale but consider BELICH: Republicans Need a Tech ‘Manhattan Project’ to Win in 2024 and Beyond (RedState obnoxious warning) — “Republicans Stuck: Broken Paradigm, Old Mindset … In a world where data-driven profile marketing is now the norm, list value lies in the quality of the relationship and its common factors. … The direct mail mindset is not compatible with modern expectations, and it needs to be retired. … The Democrats operate technology the same way they run their cultural infestation, by running many, many teams, some unwittingly, all in the same direction.” — There are some indications that this is happening in the voter fraud area. It is also a major issue for sites like Redstate, Townhall, Epoch Times, and many other information sources as they struggle to find ways to monetize their efforts and transition from traditional newspaper and broadcast models to something more appropriate for websites and podcasts.



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