no right without remedy for abridgment

At American Thinker, integrity is the theme. The Judge Goes Awry Analyzing Gov. DeSantis’s Firing Of A Rogue Prosecutor gets into a proper decision but a wrong basis. — “It’s important to understand why “prosecutorial discretion” in the hands of leftists gravely threatens our federal and state constitutions, with the latter tracking on the former in relevant part. … When a prosecutor (who works for the Executive branch of government) refuses to enforce a law on ideological grounds—an act that defines every prosecutor who has entered office with George Soros’s support—he is effectively nullifying those laws with which he disagrees … Hinkle’s opinion evinces a level of bias and gaslighting one should never see coming from a federal judge. In a sane world, Hinkle should be impeached on the ground that he has failed to uphold and defend the Constitution.”

This one hits Nevada. Do You Trust the Integrity of Our Elections? If Not, Here Are the Steps We Must Take. The issue is about the idea of national standards for elections. — “Achieving election integrity in states like Nevada (or California, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, etc.) will be exceedingly difficult, but some actions may be possible” — but there are some things you can do. Removing Phantoms With Technology and ‘Gentle’ Persuasion has some ideas, too. — “Before November 4, 2020, almost nobody in America looked at voter rolls — at least not anyone normal.  Now voter rolls in every state are being evaluated, line by line, by tens of thousands of concerned citizens.” — It’s about holding the state accountable. On this, Nevada Ends Qualified Immunity in Landmark Decision. — “In a landmark decision, possibly one of the most impactful in Nevada’s history, the justices upheld the long-standing legal principle that a right does not, as a practical matter, exist without any remedy for its enforcement.” — this has been a big issue in those seeking redress for election fraud as qualified immunity and no defined remedy are rationales used by judges to dismiss cases on procedural grounds.  




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