There is a pattern here

Dazed and confused when words mean things except when they don’t. ‘Equity’ Is Not The Same As Fairness (Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller, Issues & Insights) — “It hides behind high-minded platitudes but is at its core a tool for corruptly accruing and wielding economic and political power.” … “Never mind that these policies and equity itself contravene the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees equal treatment under the law – not results – and various civil rights acts that bar all discrimination based on race, color, or creed – not just “bad” discrimination.” … “The Golden Calf of Equity is an idol and fraud that must be melted down, never to be resurrected.”

Whither science? The ‘Final’ Short-Term Word on COVID (Deane Waldman, American Thinker) — “When one applies the scientific method to data about COVID, vaccines, and Washington mandates, one conclusion is inescapable.  Everything Washington said and did was wrong and unscientific.” … “There are dozens of embedded URL references provided herein to verify the assertions made.  Readers: Decide for yourself what is fact versus propaganda.  Based on evidence, decide who spoke truly and who did not.  Most important, decide what to do with that knowledge.”

Then we have the latest Biden scandal. Some are trying to figure out how to make sense of what is being revealed. Others are trying to figure out how to make it fit with their world view. The Latest Attempt to Sanitize the Hunter Biden Scandal Will Turn Your Brain to Mush (Bonchie, RedState) — “The New York Times just delivered the surest sign yet that something is going to eventually cook off.” … “even putting aside any disagreements I have with the conclusions asserted by the Times, would a Republican have ever gotten this type of treatment? The answer is obviously no. The nation’s largest newspaper put multiple reporters on a story to produce thousands of words largely meant to excuse the most powerful family in the country, even as they are forced to admit in the same story that crimes likely were committed. I mean, come on. That’s a level of privilege that is only given to the most connected Democrats.” — There is much twisting and turning as new details emerge. Third Find of Biden Classified Documents Shows How Bad the Problem Is (Nick Arama, RedState) — “I wanted to clarify the alleged timing of the various finds.” … “Prof. Turley raises a great point at this juncture, given what a mess this is: why are Biden’s private attorneys still allowed to root through everything? … Turley also notes that not only were they kept in unsecured locations, but they have probably moved around to more than one place. … Not to mention, all the people who may have had access to them in the house, the garage, and at the Penn Biden Center, and wherever else the documents may have been since Biden wrongly removed them years ago.”





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