unintended consequences

Nevada voted for it. It sounds so nice! Ranked-Choice Voting Keeps Rigging Elections (Victoria Marshall, Federalist) — “t’s become obvious this mind-boggling election system deserves a new name: rigged-choice voting. … If Americans desire democracy and election integrity, rigged-choice voting is clearly not the way to go.” Nice platitudes but very little consideration of examples in practice or the implications can lead to unintended consequences.

In the ad hominem TDS version files there is  Getting “Personal”: Chuck Todd Dismisses Investigation into Possible Biden Foreign Influence Peddling – JONATHAN TURLEY – “Now the details of one of the largest and most lucrative influence-peddling operations in history could be made public — along with their effort to conceal it. … This obstruction was only possible with an enabling and protective media downplaying the scandal. … Such denials, however, are getting more difficult. … That’s what made Chuck Todd’s interview with incoming House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer so revealing.” — “it’s not working. The public is not going to dismiss this influence-peddling scandal with a smirk and a shrug. There will be a public accounting, and it will not be confined to the Biden family.”

Glenn Harlan Reynolds is feeling out substack as an adjunct or compliment to the Instapundit blog. See Fighting Campus Bigotry with Prof. Mark J. Perry — “How he’s pushing back against Institutional sexism and racism, and how you can help.” — “I asked him a to talk about what he’s doing and why, and at the end he has some advice on how you can help, and an offer of assistance.  I chime in with some other things you can do.” — “It takes very little pushback to make a difference, because the campus orthodoxy is such that many people who engage in fashionably approved racial or sexual misconduct don’t even think they’re doing anything wrong. The prospect of consequences for this misbehavior is likely to be sobering, and the point that such behavior is illegal and improper will stick.”

There is an era of exploration going on as independents are trying to find out how to garner and audience and how to turn that into an income to support their reporting and publication expenses. The adjustments from print and mail to the I’net are not simple nor are they easy. 

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