Gotcha Backfire. It’s classified

There’s 2 kinds of people: those who seek to construct and build and those who seek to destruct and destroy. Steve Almond’s Failed Ambush of Laura Ingraham (A.J. Rice, American Thinker) highlights an example. — “The media want to reward Almond for this because they don’t like Laura Ingraham. But he shouldn’t be rewarded. Opportunists like him should face the music they want to force on others. Cynically attempting to tear down someone else’s success should never be rewarded.” — Another example, perhaps not as explicit, is CNN’s Gangel: Biden’s Classified Docs ‘Looks Terrible,’ ‘Political Gift to Trump’ (Pam Key, Breitbart) — “CNN reporter Jamie Gangel said Monday on “The Situation Room” that reports that President Joe Biden had classified documents from his time as vice president in his personal office was a political gift to former president Donald Trump.” — All Jamie sees is Trump and reality is disappointing because it doesn’t support the desire to destroy Trump. 

Yet another approach to the media’s ‘gotcha’ destroy those they don’t like approach is described in the report Liberal media is trying to protect the FBI from hard questions about illegal surveillance (Andrew C. McCarthy, New York Post) —

“Besides addressing the crisis at the southern border, there is no more urgent matter for the new Republican House majority to direct its attention to than the conversion of the federal government into a progressive cudgel against civil rights. And there is nothing less surprising than the media-Democrat complex’s determination to strangle the probe in its cradle.

In the left’s playbook, everything is either about race or Donald Trump — if not both. So as night follows day, with House Republicans poised to establish a much needed Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Democrats and their press accomplices are framing the panel as an adjunct of the 2024 Trump presidential campaign.

They can’t be allowed to get away with that. … 

The media-Democrat complex would like you to believe the corruption of the government’s law-enforcement and intelligence apparatus is just Trump propaganda. … 

These are not problems that need addressing for the benefit of Trump. They need addressing for the survival of our constitutional order. … 

Of course Republicans must go about this in the right way. This should not be Jan. 6 committee-style theater. These should be real bipartisan probes, with cross-examination and robust debate. But the weaponization panel is essential, and Republicans must not be cowed by those who want to stifle an investigation and our rights along with it.

Of course! That illustrates McCarthy’s bias. Since when have the Republicans put up a show trial based on false premises like the just terminated 1/6 committee? Is Jourdan as dishonest as Cheney or Shiff? Is the new Speaker of the House and majority as tyrannical as the previous?

The question is what the House can do about it. 


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