Chickens roosting but restless: 1/6 bell still reverberating

Realizing costs can sometimes be painful. Trump Hatred Is Not Cheap (John Green, American Thinker) illustrates the hazards of being sold a bill of goods. — “Pat has her reasons — which make perfect sense to her. But that level of Trump hatred does come with a price tag. It didn’t take long to realize that the Trump alternative — Joe Biden — came with some hidden costs of his own, that Pat didn’t know about. Now that we’re two years into his presidency, we can actually quantify some of those costs.” — “It’s none of my business what Pat spends her money on, and avoiding Trump’s quirks clearly has some value to her. But almost $69K — to avoid mean tweets. Wow, she must have more disposable income than I do!” — A specific example is that the Biden Admin Quietly Admits Canceling Keystone Pipeline Killed Thousands Of Jobs And Billions Of Dollars. (Mike LaChance, Gateway Pundit) — this comes from a “Department of Energy (DOE) completed in late December without any public announcement”

On the election front, the pot still simmers. A Mulligan for the Supreme Court (Bill Markin, American Thinker) points out that SCOTUS has several cases to consider to try again:

“The Court refused to consider the case, not on the merits of its argument, but on a technicality, claiming that Texas had not demonstrated a “judicially cognizable interest” in the manner in which another state conducts its elections.

“As a result, we have seen nearly two years of the rapid destruction of our nation, including fiscal irresponsibility that has led to staggering inflation, a steady decline in the stock market, enactment of policies that have reduced us from energy independence to a nation that must look to countries such as Venezuela and Iran to meet our basic needs and, perhaps most frightening, the politicization of the Department of Justice (including the FBI) into organizations resembling a third-world police state.

This doesn’t yet touch the 1/6 delusions and rights violations. January 6: A Day That Will Live in Alchemy (Julie Kelly, American Greatness) — “In a feat of political sorcery—fueled by lies, cover-ups, and careerism—the Biden regime has transformed an unruly, four-hour protest into an act of domestic terror.” 

“So, what exactly did these alleged “domestic terrorists” do? They entered the Capitol through open doors as police officers stood by. Carrying no weapons, the couple took photos inside the Rotunda and wandered through some hallways; surveillance video shows Holly Christensen talking to a Capitol police officer. At another point, Scott Christensen chatted with a D.C. Metro police officer, a conversation captured on a body-worn camera. Police led the pair toward an exit door about 45 minutes later without arresting them. … 

More than 950 people have been arrested and charged so far, a figure expected to at least double by the time the dust settles.

Some of the detachment from reality is exposed — “Biden, who has difficulty telling the truth about the circumstances of his own son’s death, shamelessly perpetuates the falsehood that Sicknick and several other police officers died as a result of January 6. (In his statement, Garland claimed five police officers died.)” — Perhaps those who face trial should argue for a change of venue so they can get trial by a jury of their peers. The Washington D.C. jury pool has not demonstrated that it can provide such a jury.





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