Boomer Weirdness

James Lewis describes the phenmomena at American Thinker in The End of Boomer Weirdness.

“Boomer Weirdness” is the great eruption of irrationality that seized the West three decades ago, when the Boomer Left rose to positions of power. I don’t think the Boom Generation as a whole is any madder than other generations; but the Boomer Left — ah, now we’re talkin’ several curlicues short of a plumbline.

When the Boomer Left “Marched Through the Institutions” (as they called it) in the 1970s and 80s, you could actually see a sudden wild swerve in our news media, our universities and politics.

The Boomer Left even gave its weirdness a pretentious name: Post-Modernism.

The US Constitution was built as a bulwark against untrammeled lust for power. The Founders didn’t know Nancy and Harry in person, but they were pretty sure that power-mad demagogues would show up some time. They had studied history and understood human nature. As we can plainly see, they were right.

Post-Modernism leaves all that rational thinking far behind, like Alice tumbling through the looking-glass. The weirdness of the Left is not an accident; our hebephrenic media folk were taught flashy Po-Mo nonsense in their Ivy League classrooms, and they were dumb enough to fall for it.

Of course, those who are the butt of this allegation of ‘boomer weirdness’ don’t quite see it that way. Both the weird and the non-weird see themselves as having a proper view of things. That is the very essence of post modernism where everyone is OK and there is no reference to use to tell what is proper and what is not.

Lewis seems to think that maybe a referent is getting re-established and we will be deciding that maybe there is a bad and a good, maybe there is a right and a wrong, maybe there is a reality that can be shared, maybe ideas and thoughts can be measured against standards of integrity and honesty.


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