running naked through the bear cage

Naming your opposition is a means of target identification. You can see this in ‘news’ reporting and in prosecutions as well as heated and hyperbolic political rhetoric. Joseph Hanneman via The Epoch Times (via ZeroHedge) says it’s ‘Absurd’ To Call Oath Keepers Insurrectionists Or A National Security Threat,  citing testimony from a Former FBI Agent. This was in an Alaska attack to disqualify a newly elected Representative. — “Use of the term domestic violent extremism is “an information operation,” Guandolo said” — This leads to Clarice Feldman and Deep State Suspicions which starts off on the CiA and the Kennedy assassination the to the FBI and Twitter. — “Who elected these agencies and people to govern us? How much more of this corruption will be uncovered? Who benefited from the assassination of JFK and the election of Joe Biden and presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson (whom, incidentally, the released records reveal had, indeed, been a member of the KKK)?” — Now we get another absurdity to add to the pile from Bonchie. First Details of Donald Trump Criminal Referrals Show the Abject Idiocy of the January 6th Committee. — “The January 6th committee is apparently determined to end things with the equivalent of stripping naked and running through the bear enclosure at the zoo.” — just like that Alaska trial. — “I’m speaking as if the vote is a forgone conclusion because we all know it’s a foregone conclusion … As to the details, the three referrals will be for insurrection, obstructing an official proceeding of Congress, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Let’s talk about that.” — “I’m not sure all the facts and logic in the world matter here. Trump is going to be indicted. It’s just a matter of timing. The January 6th committee was simply meant to may political hay for the mid-terms while providing a hook for the DOJ. And while the entire thing is idiotic and spits on the rule of law, it may well accomplish its mission.”

Another expression of the cancer is in a history lesson from Bruce Deitrick Price: Why Are Communists Determined to Destroy the US? — “Education, as we’ll see, is the first refuge of scoundrels” — “Always remember that Marx had predicted inevitable communist revolution caused by economic factors.  Now it turns out that, as a first step, the revolutionaries have to dismantle the entire Christian revolution.” … “As a result, communism is everywhere in our society, attacking, attacking, attacking. … These fanatics never take a day off.  They won’t be happy until you’re unhappy.” — Eric Utter says “Kansas universities may soon dispense with their algebra graduation requirement because too many students fail the courses.” Universities may drop algebra graduation requirement because students find algebra too difficult. — “If graduation rates are now more important than what students are taught, than why not only offer gender and women’s studies courses…and underwater basket-weaving?” — There are still people who value (and enjoy) mathematics. Stephan Wolfram is one and his website is all about “computation meets knowledge.” For the algebra challenged, check out his Learn Algebra from the Ground Up with Wolfram Language—Wolfram Blog.  




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