Must read speech by Phillips

There is notice that the media plays into the goals of the terrorists, that the propaganda this time is much more insidious and dangerous than Radio Moscow was in the sixties and seventies.

Reader Drennan Lindsay referred us to an absolutely superb article–a speech, actually, delivered at a conference on Jan. 1–by Melanie Phillips. Ms. Phillips is a British writer … [the title of the speech is] The Reporting of Iraq and Israel: An Abuse of Media Power [a Limmud conference talk given 27 December 2004] [ Hindrocket; Media Trifecta Dissected; Powerline 4 Ja 05]

So “why has the media succumbed to this epidemic of bigotry, blindness and bias?” Phillips lists two reasons. (1) fear based what the terrorists and jihadists have done to those who reported the ‘wrong stuff’ and (2) a cult of postmodernism (objectivity is bunk and truth is relative).

Phillips does not engage in the ad hominem, does not construct straw men, does not play with the definitions of words, – the speech is logical, rational, and clearly based. Read carefully and you will learn why we must make sure we learn what is really happening and do not swallow what is often presented to us by those who claim to be providing “news.”

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