If you can’t bend it – break it.

The attempt to ban a book by Justice Amy Coney Barrett hits where it hurts: Censoring in the Name of Free Speech: Publishers and Editors Call for Banning Barrett Book – JONATHAN TURLEY — “In the last ten years, censorship has become the rage from the halls of Congress to college campuses. … This crisis of faith is no more evident than in the call of writers and journalists for books to be banned or speakers to be silenced.” … “What is most striking is how these editors and publishers are insisting that they are supporting free speech by silencing others.”

“She does not deserve such attacks but these individuals are the face of rage in our society. It is a general psychosis that overwhelms every countervailing value; it allows writers and editors to oppose free speech and expect us applaud them for it.

Another form of this phenomena is from William Sullivan. The Big Lie about ‘The Big Lie’. — “Newsweek buries this particular poll’s more interesting observations. … A far more accurate way to characterize these data, though, is to recognize that there are more Americans confident that the election was rigged than there are Americans who are confident that it was all on the up and up.”

“The campaign we’ve witnessed for two years to present the former group as fringe radicals and the latter group as an incontrovertible consensus is nothing more than gaslighting on a national scale, conducted by that very same “well funded cabal of powerful people” in order to delegitimize, discourage, and destroy its political enemies.

Time to vote. Time to take notice of the deceit and dishonesty and psychosis and be very careful you don’t fall for the propaganda.




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