Hey Doc! What happened to medicine valuing the patient?

The medical establishment is regressing! Cameron English worries that Science destroys its credibility by embracing critical theory.  “The acceptance of fashionable nonsense is a threat to Enlightenment values and public health.”  Andrew Ross describes why he thinks Telemedicine is not medicine despite the COVID lockdown fad. Rich Yurkowitz does a Fact Check: Obamacare Failed on another word pablum used to sell a costly and ineffective solution to fears and doubts. John Hughes wonders What’s Wrong with the American College of Emergency Physicians? He notes that “Profits, social issues, physician censorship, and political pet projects seem to be guiding medical policy and therefore practice in America” rather than  “fentanyl overdoses, obesity-related morbidity and mortality, government policies causing increases in violent crime and murder, and declining economic conditions.” Olivia Murray provides a history lesson as the Medical community (once again) complicit in eugenics agenda. This is about abortion and infanticide. Stacey Lennox reports that the CDC Vaccine Advisory Group To Vote on Adding mRNA Vaccines to the Childhood Schedule. This is and absurd risk analysis conclusion going against the trend by other agencies looking at the issue and why Elizabeth Nickson wonders Just how big is our democide? 

Margot Cleveland clarifies the latest political jury decision and notes Russia Hoaxers, Not Durham, Should Be Embarrassed. The question is what can we do about such miscarriage of justice without spilling a lot of blood. On the Russian front, Boris Bondarev gets into The Sources of Russian Misconduct. He qualifies as a Kremlin defector. Then there’s Jack Hellner about how Democrats take ‘fake news’ to new lows. The propaganda machine is overt and organized.



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