Signature issues, common behaviors.

There are so many signature issues that have clear definitions defining binary social division. Trying to understand this is not easy. el gato malo describes a denial of reality to preserve identity and status as one model with an example for his tutorial. Patricia McCarthy uses Transgenderism, the left’s offensive against Western Civilization to explore the phenomena. J.B. Shurk thinks The COVID Cult Proved How Desperate Westerners Are for Meaning. He praises those who didn’t go along with the nonsense. Jason Snead describes another front in The Left Is Pushing To Reshape Voting Systems Across America — Here’s How. This one centers on ranked choice voting and its implicit problems. Clarice Feldman notes progress in the opposition with Score One for True the Vote. This one is about an election software company with China ties. Washoe County is cited as being a potential victim and the FBI role is also noted.

Things climate also bring problematic behaviors to the fore. Mark C. Ross describes One great way to stop species extinction. It seems some professor is shouting ‘doom!’ as per usual. Viv Forbes gets to the reality behind a common FUD mongering theme asserting that Floods and droughts are nothing new. The very long history of El Niño droughts and floods are a focus to illustrate the point.


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