cataloging malfeasance

words must mean things we agree upon – “how ironic that the Left defames nearly half of America as dangerous “semi-fascist” extremists, white-raged and privileged, ultra MAGA, and guilty of all sorts of thought crimes from secession to civil insurrection? And what is the result?” … “We are reaching a critical juncture now in America. – Writing off half the population as irredeemable and deplorable or semi-fascists is not a sustainable proposition. And we can see how it is not.” — Victor Davis Hanson via American Greatness: Remembering Hate Speech: Victor Davis Hanson | ZeroHedge — “what we used to know as “hate speech” is now presidentially acceptable speech, and what has followed from it is no surprise.”

fears that bore out – “The tragic events of 9/11 marked a turning point in our nation’s recent civil rights history. First the terrorists attacked us—and then, in the name of national security, we began to attack ourselves. … This special law designed for an emergency has become a permanent addition to the government’s investigatory toolbox. The unfortunate reality is that the bulk of the actions taken by law enforcement under the Patriot Act have almost nothing to do with combating terrorism.” — Harmeet K. Dhillon: The Politicization of the Department of Justice | Imprimis — “We must find a way to return our Department of Justice to that central principle of American constitutionalism, as it carries out its duties in the name of Lady Liberty.”

consequences? – “The FBI has been under an unfavorable spotlight over its politicized activity under color of law enforcement … a case out in Los Angeles suggests there’s more than just a political ethics problem — there seems to be a straight ethics problem, a downright crime problem, and the shocking thing is that nobody seems afraid of going to jail for it.” — Monica Showalter: Is the FBI descending into a smash-and-grab gang? – American Thinker — “Whatever it is, there needs to be some kind of righting of course as this lawsuit proceeds. Someone’s got to pay for these thug ethics and reform the agency that has clearly gotten out of control on multiple fronts.”

twisting in the wind – “I am proud to be considered a non-intellectual who does my own research, tells the truth that the climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally. For telling the truth, I am disparaged as being anti-science, stupid, a climate change denier. I am constantly called a far-right extremist, deplorable, and compared to a domestic terrorist.” — Jack Hellner: The media and other Democrats will seek to destroy any Republican candidate – American Thinker — “I will proudly vote for people who have common sense, who are considered anti-intellectual and understand that the government is not the solution for much and vote against self-righteous elitists who consider themselves smarter than the rest of us no matter how stupid and destructive their policies are.”

conversation needs talking and listening (and honesty) – “It’s because our bureaucratic overlords and their Democrat sponsors are still not listening to the grievances of a large, and growing, number of Americans.” — John Green: There’s a Reason Conservatives are Becoming Less Tame – American — Thinker — “We’re still shouting — louder every day. Our discontent hasn’t turned into a brawl yet — and it doesn’t need to. But the time for “tame” is long past.”

climate brouhaha examples: “Establishment climate science has become infatuated by its own imagined expertise and importance.” — Norman Rogers: The Climate Crisis Lie – American Thinker — and  — “It is the height of naïveté to think our economic competitors in the world like China and India will wreck their economies based on a fraudulent global warming hypothesis.” — Guy K. Mitchell, Jr.: Global warming pseudoscience is poised to wreck the US economy – American Thinker


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