the woke mind virus

long read on the state of affairs: A transcript of remarks originally given in Miami at the National Conservatism Conference in September 2022.”we fight because we want a better life for us, our kids and grandkids. But we also fight because we owe a debt of gratitude for those who have come before us. And we need to do justice to their sacrifice. And we would not be doing that if we were running away from the fight before us. God bless you all.” — Governor Ron DeSantis: Florida Versus Davos – The American Mind

true perspective will out? – “The storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6 by Trump supporters has been characterized by liberals in the usual hysterical — if not psychotic — overtones that is one of the characteristics of fanatics. And we are most definitely in the midst of a totalitarian movement.” — January 6 Will One Day Be A National Holiday — It Will Be America’s Bastille Day – Issues & Insights

a sad and sorry tale – “The interview makes plain that it was Trump who broke Burns. Beginning in 2016, Burns transformed from a garden-variety leftist into a person who sees Hitler lurking behind every Republican in America” — Andrea Widburg: Ken Burns’s hatred threatens to destroy his legacy – American Thinker — “Trump broke a lot of people. The notion that America could elect a showman who stood for principles that were a completely normal part of American life before 9/11 changed everything (mostly because it unchained the American left) was too much for many, including Burns. It’s a shame, too, because Burns is a remarkably talented man when his monomania hasn’t filled him to the brim with hatred and ignorance.”

fantasy isn’t reality – “a prime example of how the left lies to appease its narrative” … “Not only does the movie massage the events of the past to fit a progressive narrative, it outright reverses the polarity of history entirely and makes heroic a kingdom that was, in reality, one of the biggest drivers of the slave trade. It only takes a brief look at the primary sources to completely debunk the entire plot of “The Woman King.” — Mike Coté: Anti-Historical ‘The Woman King’ Lies About Africa’s Slave Trade — “the left tends to overreach and make unforced errors; the laughable treatment of history in “The Woman King” seems to be one of them. Conservatives and historians could ask for no better example of this absurdity than a film that presents a genocidal, slave-raiding kingdom as beneficent defenders of freedom.”

takedown, point by point – “it is unrealistic to simply assume that low flows in the six rivers upon which the CNN article focuses are caused by a lack of rainfall and the “relentless heat waves” that have supposedly swept the planet.” — David R. Legates: What is Drying up the World’s Rivers? – American Thinker — “As is often the case, the facts usually disprove the alarmist position associated with climate change. This is no different with respect to the CNN article.”


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