a distinct whiff of fascism in the air

yes, it’s special – “Hong Kong and Singapore; India and Pakistan; Egypt and South Africa; Australia and New Zealand; Canada and the United States. – These far-flung countries are all the powerhouses of their regions of the world, both politically and economically. – They have histories of law, order, and general liberty that, though certainly troubled and far from perfect, tower above those of their neighbors. – Finally: They were all once major colonies of the British Empire.” — Christopher Bedford: The British Empire Was A Force For Western Civilization (And That’s Why They Hate Her)

uncomfortable – “maybe the Democrat party realizes that its policy “successes” have caused so much pain for the American people that the only path to continued power consists of cynically demonizing half the country as “extremists,” “insurrectionists,” and “terrorists” who must be defeated at any cost.” — J.B. Shurk: MAGA’s Real Crime? Spotlighting Government Failure – American Thinker — “perhaps MAGA Americans are denounced as “extremists” precisely because they think for themselves and demand real change from their government.  Perhaps they are seen as a “threat” because they refuse to become poorer and less secure in the world just so globalists can profit at Americans’ expense.  Perhaps they are reviled as “insurrectionists” because so much of the American government has forgotten what the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution actually mean.  Perhaps those who want to “make America great” have become the enemy because so many in Washington, D.C. want to make America and Americans feel small.  Maybe Democrats have nothing else to run on in this midterm election except hate, division, and threats.”

a blind eye – “The Justice Department doesn’t hesitate to publicize the names of those it accuses of wrongdoing. At least when those accused do not work for Justice.” —  Eric Felten: DOJ Internal Misconduct Shrouded in Veil of Secrecy | RealClearPolitics — “The IG’s recommendation notwithstanding, the Justice Department continues to shroud wrongdoing by its own in a system of secrecy. It is a policy that does little to restore confidence in a department viewed by many Americans with suspicion.”

why is this so? – “Part of the thrill of being transgender is the attention one receives and craves so badly. Another benefit is the ability to outrage normal people. Critics of the transgender movement are accused of being intolerant.” — John Dietrich: Will the Democrats’ Stance On Education Be Their Undoing? – American Thinker — “If you want to be accepted, if you want to remain employed, if you want to receive your pension, it is advisable to remain silent when this subject comes up.”

the nature of the lie – “Anti-liberty leftists love to weaponize certain words and then use them to excess.” — D. Parker: Cruelty? Who Is More Cruel than the Left? – American Thinker — “The lesson we’ve learned from all of this is that anti-liberty leftists are fine with an illegal invasion.  They just don’t want people moving in where they live.  They can’t say this out loud, so they project it on the pro-freedom right.  And when they talk about using people as a political weapon, rejecting humanity, Sadistic Immigration Stunts, and cruelty, they are referring to themselves. They just can’t be honest about it.”

the dark night? – “as we look around us, and as we review the data, the dark night of global warming that is always descending has never landed.” — How Global Warming Is A Lot Like ‘Get Trump’ – Issues & Insights — (Donate) — “There is a distinct whiff of fascism in the air. But it’s the Democrats who released the stench with their efforts to crush dissent and establish single-party rule over constitutional governing.”


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