transparency and trust

what constitution? – “With a brand new wrinkle, there are now, voilà!, 87,000 new IRS agents being hired so that they may find your donations to conservative causes and candidates and classify them as seditious, insurrectionist, or “disinformation.”  This is designed to harass and close the wallets of conservatives and Republicans.  It infringes on our political speech.  We do not need more IRS auditors, but the left need them to squash dissent.  It is unconstitutional in its sub rosa purpose.” — M.B. Mathews: The left are torching the Constitution for conservatives – American Thinker — “Little by little, our Constitution is being chipped away or ignored as though it didn’t exist.  When our Constitution is ignored, so are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

rights have responsibilities, too – “The tech companies argued that it violated their corporate free speech right to censor people on their platforms.  The Fifth Circuit strongly disagreed, striking a huge blow in favor of Free Speech in America.” … “the censorship flowed only one way: Big Tech silenced anything that challenged a Democrat narrative.  We’ve since learned that this was not a coincidence.” — Andrea Widburg: The 5th Circuit says tech companies can’t use the 1st Amendment to censor speech – American Thinker

misplaced trust – “The FBI’s focusing attention on the almost nonexistent white nationalists deflects from the real history of the two parties just as it hopes to draw attention drawn away from an open border, rising inflation, food and gas shortages, and skyrocketing crime — the real landmarks of this administration.” — Clarice Feldman: The FBI: Disturbing the Peace and Creating Inter-Party War – American Thinker — “The central point is that at last a federal judge has taken a straightforward look at the FBI’s actions and will no longer grant its word any special credence.”

election integrity farce – “Incredibly, only six of these top 100 county election officers responded with data of voters who voted in the November 3, 2020 general election without disclaimers (meaning some claim that the data were not exactly retained).  Nonetheless, discrepancies still existed for these counties.” — Charles Sullivan: Retaining election records from the 2020 election – American Thinker — “It’s not only a civil rights issue but a transparency issue that has eroded confidence in our electoral system.”

calling for intellectual integrity – “Some view any unwillingness to increase gun safety regulation for the sake of “the children” — the sine qua non of virtue-signaling — as “evil.”  But can a complex, multi-faceted issue like national gun policy be accurately analyzed along a single dimension to the benefit of all citizens?” — C. Roberts: Are US Firearm Deaths Overstated? – American Thinker

“The battle of life calls forth three noble and healthful psychological attributes: loyalty to kin and country; honor of work that protects and promotes survival; and, most fundamental to mental health, gratitude for the gift of life itself.” … “What happens to loyalty, honor, and gratitude when conditions of affluence obviate the need to struggle to secure safety, sustenance, and even luxury in everyday life?” — Deborah C. Tyler: What on Earth Is Wrong with Harry and Meghan? — “Psychologists need to develop therapeutic models to treat the damage of instrumental victimhood through confronting its falsehood and focused restoration of loyalty, honor and gratitude.”

media catalog of sinners – “It was one of the biggest stories of the century, broken in one of the country’s oldest papers (the New York Post), and by a terrific reporter (Breitbart’s own Emma-Jo Morris). In an era of endless spin and fake news, this story was 100% factual. Yet it was almost instantly dismissed as Russian disinformation and censored from the Internet. – Who was behind this massive hoax? How did they pull it off? Were these people conspiracists, liars, ignoramuses, or some combination thereof?” — Alexander Marlow: Media’s Top Eight Hunter Biden Laptop Deniers – And Many, Many Honorable Mentions

Redstate has good commentary but they plague their links with barriers – plea crippleware. If you can tolerate the nuisances, two worth considering are Too Stupid: Nevada Democrats’ Abortion Lies Insult Voters’ Intellect and Is Montana’s Defiance of ‘Illegal’ Court Order a Model That Other Conservative States Should Follow?. The first illustrates just how dishonest a campaign has become. The other describes a state level approach to civil disobedience confronting an activist judge. As for Redstate, it is one thing to discreetly ask for support but entirely another to demand it and use tricks to extort it.


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