lawfare big time

obstruction – “The DOJ-NSD is claiming the Intelligence Community (IC) is the real authority here, not the President of the United States.  It is a rather remarkable position to take.” … “President Trump declassified the documents showing the corrupt DOJ and FBI targeting operation of him.   The corrupt DOJ and FBI went and took back the evidence against them in the Mar-a-Lago raid and now says no one should be allowed to see it.” — sundance: DOJ-NSD Frantic That Special Master Might Review IC Defined Classified Documents, Even if Trump Declassified, Because Sources and Methods – The Last Refuge

power play – “we have seen with President Biden severe cognitive deficits present no obstacle to Democrats putting people into positions of power. After all, in their view it is only the power behind the throne that matters. Their elected officials are only front men and women.” … “Lots of people are waking up to the fact that Democrats have been scamming them for generations and they are responding appropriately. – Expect the level of desperation to be turned up to 11, because Democrats can’t win solely with the votes of white-wine whiney women.” — David Strom: When Democrats do it…. – HotAir

bullies – “The phone confiscation, he said, has given him the opportunity to tell people that without election integrity, “We lose our country.” — Eva Fu via The Epoch Times: “I Got Bad News For You”: Mike Lindell Speaks Out After FBI Seizes Phone | ZeroHedge

turmoil – “The Court is coming off one of the most historic and impactful terms in its history. Yet, the coming docket is already packed with new blockbuster cases” — Turley Speaks to the 2022 Ohio Judicial Conference – JONATHAN TURLEY



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