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unprecedented – “President Biden spearheads a political offensive vilifying opposition party leaders and voters alike as threats to democracy.” — : DOJ escalates Jan. 6 probe, targets Trump allies ahead of midterms | Just The News

obsession – “The DOJ has been going after Trump allies and supporters for months, looking for any indication that they were trying to steal the 2020 election in some fashion, or that Trump was planning not to leave office at the end of his term, at which point he, like every president before him, left office. ” — BREAKING: Tucker Carlson obtains subpoenas from Biden’s DOJ to Trump allies demanding personal information | The Post Millennial |

pulling teeth is easier – “The DOJ is concealing documents related to Biden’s executive order that directed agencies to meddle in nationwide elections.” — Shawn Fleetwood: DOJ Conceals Records About Federal Agencies Rigging Elections

what the? – “the combined actions of the FBI, Secret Service, and Capitol Police made it possible for the CDU to “find” the bomb at 1:07 p.m. at the DNC, just as activists began to push down police barriers on the Capitol grounds.” — Bill Livingstone: January 6 Pipe Bombs Get Curiouser and Curiouser – American Thinker

Equity not for thee – “We are seeing an explosion in crime and violence across the country because of inconsistently applied laws and prosecutors and judges unwilling to convict and punish perpetrators. The same is true with election laws. If individual or organized vote fraudsters see there is little or no consequence to their actions, they will continue to disrupt and alter our elections.” — Jack Gleason: Electoral Fraud Goes Mainstream – American Thinker

foundations and preparing the battlefield – “To accept a bigger picture is often to accept the foundation of what is present is not what it appears.” — sundance: A Different Take on the Dismissal of the Trump v Clinton Lawsuit – The Last Refuge

a system corrupted – “I have come to an inescapable conclusion: there is no justice to be had in our “justice” system. I am no longer willing to participate in a system that I consider to be a total farce.” — : She Represented Carter Page – by Mark Wauck

coming to a Nevada near you – “Over the last few years, three major jurisdictions have held ranked choice voting elections, and they have consistently created issues that could lead to more problems in elections.” — Todd Carnery via RealClear Wire: Alaska Reminds Us Ranked Choice Voting Is A Bad Idea | ZeroHedge — “Federalism allows for America’s states to conduct their votes in different ways. These differences allow the country to see what systems work best. It is clear from seeing ranked choice voting in action in different jurisdictions, that ranked choice voting will make elections worse in the U.S.”

issue listing – “Let’s review just how much “better off” we all are thanks to Biden and his fellow Democrats.” — We’re ‘Better Off’ Under Biden? Who Is Obama Kidding? – Issues & Insights

“What do you do when your teacher is a pervert and no one will listen? You take matters into your own hands.” —  Lincoln Brown: Sixth Graders Protect Fellow Students From a Creepy Teacher – PJ Media — “These boys did exactly what a man should do. They stood up for the girls in their class against a horrible man who had found a way to wedge himself into the system like a diseased mollusk. And when the people who were charged with keeping them safe did not care, they did what they could do on their own.”

deja vu – “Climate hysterics demonize carbon dioxide (CO2) much as Hitler stereotyped Jews.” — Jerome Corsi: Climate Hysteria: A Mass Delusion to Demonize Carbon Dioxide – American Thinker — “There’s an irony to all this: On the one hand, it’s obscene for climate fanatics to tar their opponents as “deniers” in the same the term is used for people to deny the Holocaust. The first is a well-document historic event, while the second is a highly speculative theory based upon inadequate computer models made to predict future complex climate events. However, the common denominator is that both the Holocaust and the climate movement arise from the same form of rigid, fact-free fanaticism common to all true believers.”

Follow the money – “A global financial crisis is brewing. The easy scapegoat is Putin. The biggest problem is policy everywhere you look… A crisis isn’t coming, it’s already here, and obviously so.” — Mike Shedlock via Climate-Policy Is A Much Greater Threat Than Climate-Change | ZeroHedge

so much. how come? – “they express disbelief, worry, lamentation even, that the one solid referent in the world has gone, well, completely rabid.” —  Victor Davis Hanson: America Delira › American Greatness — “Destroy the bounty that produced and empowered the woke decadence, and we won’t have anything—the woke included. Wokeism is, for now, an affordable irrelevancy that rests on the wealth and lessons produced by those long dead and now much rebuked. But it won’t remain affordable. – Instead, we will learn what woke itself produces—barbarism, chaos, poverty, and civilization in reverse.”


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