A structure of calculated fabrications

shaping the mind – “Understand, that the point of these leaks is simple. They don’t happen to inform or advance the cause of justice. Rather, the DOJ leaks for one reason: To cause the minds of the public to wander” — Bonchie: DOJ’s Latest Targeted Leak Against Trump Isn’t All It Seems – RedState — “The story is constantly shifting, and the same people who swallowed the first leak are more than happy to swallow the second. It is pathetic to watch them react the same way to every single “bombshell,” as if history doesn’t exist. We’ve been doing this for seven years now, and the song remains the same.”

Natural Law theory – “The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to privacy. Like other amendments in the Bill of Rights, it doesn’t create the right; it limits government interference with it.” — The Right to Be Left Alone, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano | Creators Syndicate — “The government spends hundreds of billions of dollars annually just to watch and follow us. Who authorized this? Why do we tolerate a society where we have hired a government to secure our rights and instead it engages in aggression against them?”

accepting the LCD – “Democrats are in complete control of California and can’t deliver enough water and electricity to keep its citizens comfortable. – This is outrageous. – What’s even more outrageous is the lack of outrage.” — Nolte: Democrats Can’t Even Deliver Water and Electricity — “this is only possible when voters allow it, and idiot Democrats more than allow it; they keep voting for more of the same. – You get what you vote for. – No sympathy here.”

and follow along – “The Democrats’ tower of lies has been constructed with the help of the media … Rather than promote freedom and prosperity, Democrats’ policies enslave and impoverish middle and lower America while at the same time prop up the leftist ruling class and its cronies. But no one would know this by listening to the media and their handlers in the party.” — The Political Party That’s Built On Lies – Issues & Insights — “Most Americans would not be comfortable voting for candidates whose objective is to establish a single-party regime across the country, and whose ideology is much closer to that of history’s worst despots than the Founding Fathers’ vision of freedom and independence.  The Democrats have a party that couldn’t exist without being held up by a support structure of calculated fabrications.”


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