apoplectic or apocalyptic?

the enemy shows its face – “Today at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance a ceremony will be held to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War” — Mervyn Bendle: Remembering the War in Vietnam and at Home

With hindsight, it appears clear that the Adversary Culture that emerged out of the opposition to the Vietnam War bequeathed this totalizing, metapolitical approach to all subsequent Australian history, persistently elevating important questions to a quasi-religious and millenarian status. This can be seen with the present ‘climate emergency’ hysteria, where everything is viewed in absolutist, indeed apocalyptic, terms and the position taken on the issue is taken to reflect the quality of an ethical inner-being – of both the individual and society. Regrettably, such a syndrome ensures that many vital political issues facing liberal democracies remain over-wrought, deeply ideological, and serve as playthings for a radical Intelligentsia acting out paranoid and apocalyptic fantasies. Who could have foreseen, as Australia’s small contingent of advisors left for South Vietnam 60 years ago that this would be the outcome?

a catalog of evil – “Pope Francis doesn’t like America.  Pope Francis doesn’t like capitalism.  It is unclear whether Pope Francis even likes Catholicism.  Whatever the case may be, he seems to be doing everything he can to dissuade Catholics from remaining in the Church, and to keep prospective Catholics from joining” — Christopher Skeet: The Next Pope Should at Least be Catholic – American Thinker — “ope Francis won’t even display a cross for fear of offending people.  The words of his god are found not in the Bible, but in 19th century revolutionary tracts and on the pretentious yard signs of gated communities.  The faithful masses are screaming for real leadership rooted in courage, humility, and genuine concern for the suffering of Christians, not in condescending elitism”

the fight continues – “because the decision favored Trump, that meant that the left was thrown into fits of apopletic rage. Here are a few of the highlights” — Bonchie: Apoplectic Rage Follows Special Master Decision in Trump Raid Case – RedState — “For all their talk of defending “democracy,” there is no part of it they aren’t willing to burn down if it results in one of their political wants. That should give Americans observing this spectacle immense pause. Are these the kinds of people you want in charge? People with no boundaries and who will use the force of the government to crush you if you so much as disagree with them?”

casualties – “What we have here is evidence that the raid was more political than anyone recognized. We saw the outlines of it, based on Joe’s history, but now we see the proof” — Monica Showalter: So Joe Biden was behind the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid all along – American Thinker

“It was like a family reunion with 12,000 strangers” — Susan D. Harris: Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania was a pivotal moment in history – American Thinker — “I was struck by the fact that with everything they’ve already launched against him, including the intimate violation of raiding his home; and still anticipating the medieval siege weapons they have yet to drag through the moat in hot pursuit, Trump could still take to the stage as focused, motivated, and inspiring as he was.  While the raid on Mar-a-Lago was unprecedented, Trump’s bold response in Wilkes-Barre the other night was also a pivotal moment in history.”

chapter and verse – “It’s disappointing that even the measurement of our mild global warming (which has proceeded since the 18th century’s Little Ice Age) has become politicised, corrupted and tweaked to suit the alarmist narrative. Who’d dare to say, “Trust me, I’m a climate scientist”?” — Tony Thomas: A Clear Case of Hot, Hotter … Hoodwinked – Quadrant Online

Alinsky rule 13 [wikipedia]- “a once respected monthly, recently put out a bizarre series of tweets effectively suggesting that earlier Western scientists just concocted the idea of two sexes…to serve the interests of the white supremacist patriarchy.” — Eric Utter: Scientific American magazine says Western science invented the ‘two-sex model’ – American Thinker


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