Catalogs of sin

Catalog – “The media have a history of burying stories that are not convenient to their leftist agenda and reporting fake stories — like Russian collusion — that harm people they oppose” — Jack Hellner: Dishonest ‘journalism’ rules the airwaves – American Thinker

Constitution? – “Since his ban, Berenson has not only been vindicated, but news surfaced that his silencing was the direct result of a request from the White House.” — Jonathan S. Tobin: Big Tech And Biden Admin Colluded To Silence Covid Dissenters — “Presidential demands that those who are skeptical about their policies be de-platformed on the basis of false claims about “harm” is something that must be forbidden if constitutional protections for free speech are to be preserved.”

TLDR; case laid out in detail – “Republicans created the Patriot Act, the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The same agencies that Barack Obama later weaponized with the creation of the Dept of Justice National Security Division (DOJ-NSD)” — Sundance: Why is Washington DC So Intensely Focused on Targeting Donald Trump and Labeling His Supporters as Threats to Democracy? – The Last Refuge

Catalog – Call to action – “All these Democrat deceptions have damaged our society greatly and set the USA on our current path to destruction.  We have to change this by voting the bums out in November.” — C.S. Boddie: A million, bazillion reasons to vote for Republicans in November – American Thinker — “We need to call the Democrats out publicly for their lying and stomp them for it at the ballot box in November — and so put our Republic on a solid footing of truth again.  Let’s do it.”

Abusive – “Joe Biden is not a man who loves America.  He is a man who loves himself, and the power to impose his will and waste our hard-earned taxpayer money.  His history of corruption has been exposed and his incompetence displayed to the world.  No matter how many lies he tells, or how often he tells them, he cannot make them true.  He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to all Americans who love our nation.” — Donald N. Finley: Joe Biden has no claim to the soul of America – American Thinker

Catalog – “Whenever political leaders lose all political capital due to their misgovernance and have no real issues to base their campaign on, they often resort to focusing on the symbolic — usually referring to “the soul of the nation.” – This happened before in the U.S., it happened in India, it happened in the U.K. and it happened again in the U.S. – This is most typical of the left.” — Rajan Laad: Biden’s hateful rhetoric against Americans presents the GOP with a sterling opportunity – American Thinker

despoiling nature for a fantasy – “To much fanfare, Google announced in May 2021 that it would power one of its massive, energy-hogging data centers in Nevada using a next-generation geothermal plant … As is to be expected, other environmentalists objected because the project threatens to wipe out the Dixie Valley toad.” — Bill Weckesser: Geothermal vs. the greens – American Thinker

Look at the evidence – “Why does this happen?  How do people make up their minds, and why do they stubbornly refuse to change them?” — Jack Gleason: Ten Ways to Change a Liberal’s Mind – American Thinker — “Changing minds is not a quick process.  Patience and self-control are essential.  Unless we can learn how to speak to our fellow Americans in a kind and understanding manner, we will never heal the divide in our nation.”


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