say, do, and results in conflict

context as a propaganda (and legal) tool – “saying that its warning to Facebook was of a general nature and did not include a call to action” — Tom Ozimek of The Epoch Times: FBI Responds To Zuckerberg Claim It Helped Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop Story | ZeroHedge

dissonance – “The war between blue and red and mass versus elite is really grounded in the reality that those who feel they were the deserved winners of globalization and who are the sole enlightened on matters of social, economic, political, and military policy have no record of recent success, but a long litany of utter failure” — Victor Davis Hanson: How middle class now view their rulers with rightly earned disdain — “The masses increasingly view the elites’ money, their ZIP codes, their degrees and certificates, and their titles not just with indifference, but with the disdain they now have earned on their own merits. — And that pushback has made millions of our worst and stupidest quite mad.”


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