A war fought by other means

dark and dangerous expression of power – “The execution of a search warrant on the home of former President Donald Trump has brought to mind a dark and dangerous side of law enforcement. The idea of government agents rummaging through the private possessions on the private property of anyone against that person’s will brings back the specter of British soldiers knocking down doors in colonial America” — Andrew P. Napolitano: On Government Invasions of Private Property, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano | Creators Syndicate — “Even when the government seeks to demonstrate waiver, the government should be presumed to be wrong, and every inference and bias should be drawn against it because the essence of government is the negation of liberty.”

What the Constitution says – “The Mar-A-Lago warrant illustrates the long-standing constitutional anomaly of letting magistrate judges sign search warrants” — Philip Hamburger: Can Magistrate Judges Constitutionally Issue Search Warrants?

Holier than thou? – “Where was Bill Barr in the spring of 2017, when Comey was dismissed by President Trump?” — David Zukerman: Bill Barr returns to make every conservative seethe with frustration – American Thinker — “I guess the media onslaught was too much for you to protest.  And you left President Trump to the lying hyenas, alone.  Shame on you.”

What 1776 was all about – “The raid on Mar-A-Lago was a pretextual search using the National Archive rules and mischaracterize classified document laws to justify an unlawful search warrant – This raid is only a part of an ongoing criminal conspiracy (RICO) or silent coup by the Deep State to take down Trump – Cutting to the chase.  I smell rotting fish” — Ron Wright: The Raid on Mar-A-Lago: A Desperate Act by the Deep State – American Thinker

propaganda as war tactics – “If the FBI has ironclad reasons for the raid, they would have released the entire document with only the names of the agents redacted. – The purpose of this redaction is to allow the cloud of doubt and suspicion to prevail to furnish a narrative” — Rajan Laad: Why did the FBI redact the Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit? – American Thinker — “Trump has been the target of the most significant and prolonged disinformation campaigns in US history”

It is sad to see John Hinderaker at Powerline dissing both the Zuckerberg revelations and giving credit to the unknown, redacted parts of the warrant affidavit. See Ho Hum and Did the FBI Rig the 2020 Election? This is the insidious nature about the ad hominem bias swallowing natural rights, culture, and advocacy for proper governance. Ignorance like Hinderaker professes to rationalize his opinion is no excuse. He illustrates the effectiveness of the propaganda campaign.

psychosis on parade – “Never in my lifetime have so many people been so obsessed with one man … It would be laughable if not for the power of the cancel … Donald Trump is the ultimate rationale for this abandonment of American tolerance … Don’t expect liberals to resolve this dilemma before November. The pain will only get worse—especially if Trump candidates poll well” — Mark Bauerlein via The Epoch Times: Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Going To Get Worse | ZeroHedge — “The rabid indignation gets chuckles from everyone except the True Believers, the ones who cling to their outrage as a psychological crutch. That will bring on more manic behavior, more delusion on the left.  Be ready for it”

ripe for fraud – “Transitioning from a traditional primary system to ranked-choice voting is like ‘going from algebra to calculus.’” — Shawn Fleetwood: Disastrous Ranked-Choice Voting Is On The Ballot In Nevada


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