Marshaling forces of the Deep State

THE Threat to the Republic – “A two-tier justice system is not a justice system. It is a totalitarian system. Its purpose is not justice but population control.” — Joy Pullmann: Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends — “We need the GOP to provide serious leadership, because Democrats are a serious threat to equal justice for all, and that’s going to destroy the country for good if it’s not stopped post-haste. Americans desperately need swift and prudent action to avert even more unthinkably dangerous events. Those who refuse to plan and take that action despite accepting from voters the responsibility to do so will be infamous to history as cowards and traitors”

Follow the science? – “the circumstances under which the law should permit or prohibit the intentional killing of a human while in utero” — Margot Cleveland: The Dobbs Debate The Left Doesn’t Want Americans to Have — “An alternative basis for justifying abortion-on-demand argues that human life in utero lacks sentience, rationality, self-awareness, or some other ability that makes that human life worthy of protection.” … “Pro-life leaders and politicians need … to start laying out the above scientific and logical foundation for the public, especially as the propagandistic popular press attempts to skew the story, so that eventually the idea of protecting all humans is no longer considered extreme by anyone.”

Remember the Tea Party and Louis Lerner? – “Nearly half of the Democrats’ Inflation Promotion Act is devoted to increasing the budget of the IRS. Think about that: when has more IRS ever been popular? Never. So what are the Democrats up to?” — John Hinderaker : What’s Behind the Democrats’ IRS Expansion? | Power Line — “I think the liberals who run the IRS would sic their agents on every conservative nonprofit in the country. They would audit such organizations, looking for evidence that they somehow had violated the extremely vague regulations governing political activity. Such audits would require even squeaky-clean organizations like my own to hire lawyers to defend them. Government lawyers work for free–that is, courtesy of the taxpayers–while private lawyers have to be paid. Thus, a concerted attack by the IRS could largely disable conservative nonprofits, whose revenue would be dissipated by paying for lawyers, and whose energies would be dissipated in dealing with IRS attacks.”

revealing a mindset – “There’s a reason Yiddish has innumerable words for the human condition while French seemingly has an equal number for social and romantic relationships” — Andrea Widburg: Leftists overdo hive-mind discipline, but conservatives could use a little more – American Thinker — “I don’t want us ever to have a hive mind, but we must be precise in language”

damaging effects of TDS – “The news of Alex Jones being fined was met with unrestrained jubilation across liberal precincts.” — Rajan Laad: Why Alex Jones is being targeted – American Thinker — “If Alex Jones who is perceived as a pro-Trump and an anti-establishment figure is penalized for spreading misinformation but the Democrats establishment loyalists who peddle insane conspiracy theories are honored with Pulitzer prizes something is gravely wrong.”

ominous precedent following a pattern – “The trial was nothing more than using the legal process to punish an unpopular person for saying stupid stuff. If that is a crime, we are all f***ed.” — streiff: OPINION: The Alex Jones Verdict Is Wrong and Dangerous – RedState — “Jones may be an unsavory character, he might even deserve punishment, but the principle established by the success of this lawsuit and the damages awarded is profoundly dangerous. The lawsuit should have been summarily dismissed as a blatant violation of the First Amendment.”

graphs and charts – measure the issue, see it. — Steven Hayward: The Geek in Pictures: Overdue Homework Edition | Power Line

imagination is no way to decide – “to the left, facts don’t matter. Their narrative is simply a vehicle for a radical agenda to destroy the oil industry and our quality of life, with an end goal of transforming America in every way. If the public saw an unbiased dataset, they wouldn’t gobble up the agenda hook, line, and sinker. – Here is some factual data that is easy to find but we will never see” — Jack Hellner: Somewhere between fact and fiction, leftists find a home for the climate crisis – American Thinker — “The politicians and bureaucrats who can’t control inflation, the budget, the border, geopolitical affairs, healthcare costs, terrorists, crime, or virtually anything else, claim they can control the climate, with such complicated factors like sea levels, storm activity, and temperatures? And all we have to do is let them confiscate from us trillions more dollars and destroy our quality of life?”

better believe it- it can, it has, it will – “don’t believe this can’t happen here, in America. Everything that’s occurred in the last not-quite-2-years falls into the category of “I would never have believed it could happen here.” As just one example, would any past government have been insane enough to print more money and raise taxes on the middle class in the middle of a recession?” — Andrea Widburg: Pay attention to what’s happening to Dutch livestock farmers – American Thinker

more disaster from the government – “I imagine a lot of people are feeling betrayed right now. They followed “the science” and got injected with a biologic that has caused, for many, some serious side effects.” — Terry Paulding: They’re still dropping like flies – American Thinker — “Bottom line, the vaccine hasn’t kept anyone from getting COVID. It hasn’t been proven to make symptoms less severe, despite that being the base rationale for believing in taking the stuff. It has caused significantly more problems and deaths than it has prevented.”

History isn’t necessarily as we want it – “As a result of this relatively peaceful display of American power, Japan unconditionally surrendered … very unpeaceful lefty demonstrators will screech in harsh opposition, as they gather once again … unpeaceful so-called peace-lovers who ignore the ultimate sacrifice of so many others so you might live and continue to spout your — at best — deranged nonsense.” — Ethel C. Fenig: Remembering the truth about the atomic bombs in Japan – American Thinker


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