a policy of national suicide in an age of rage

Not the country as formed – “once again, the D.C. Despots have thrown down the gauntlet against constitutionally protected free speech” — J.B. Shurk: Never Forget the Government’s J6 Political Prisoners – American Thinker — “We have thoughtcrimes, State-decreed lies, and political gulags haunting America — a triumvirate of tyranny that now heralds the Washington way.  It is the federal government’s behavior — not the actions of J6 political protesters — that should stir in the blood of every American an uneasy sense that something within our nation is terribly amiss”

a catalog – “In the process, they caused untold damage to their country and fellow citizens. They disgraced their profession. They tarnished the scientific community. And sold their souls to ideologues.” — Victor Davis Hanson: Why We Lost Trust in the Expert Class

Complex Realities – “Donald Trump won’t seem to go away, and neither do the criticisms. The left’s complaints don’t count, except when people on the right buy into them as true – which is still happening” — Tom Gilson: Never-Trumpers’ Simplistic Reality: Repairing the Damage It’s Done to Christian Witness – The Stream — “Live life according to its complexity. Do not fail to listen to those you disagree with. Learn from them. Expect hard decisions to be hard, sometimes requiring decisions between degrees of good and evil. Pursue the way of wisdom. Reject oversimplified, truncated views of reality. Seek the best, knowing that the perfect is yet to come”

axioms need examination – “The left doesn’t like the adversary system when it’s used to fight them, so they are determined to destroy the opposition’s ability to do so” — neo: The war on lawyers who would defend the right – The New Neo

shenanigans and betrayal – “As Nevada’s Republican Party pushes to unify, a rogue faction has emerged with the goal of betraying the GOP base to elect Democrats” — Brittany Sheehan: Betraying the Base: Rogue GOP Faction Aims to Elect Democrats in Nevada… Again – RedState

rival mobs destruct – “The rising threats against Supreme Court justices has been one of the most startling elements in our age of rage … it reflects a sense of license to engage in the most reckless rhetoric with regard to the conservative justices … when leading columnists start posting anticipatory obituaries, it is time from some self-reflection in the media” — Vox Senior Editor Fantasizes Over the Death of Justice Alito – JONATHAN TURLEY — “If columnists and academics join this ragefest, we will become little more than rivaling mobs tearing apart our foundational institutions and values”

history tells – “Threats against the judiciary did not come suddenly. The slouch toward selective law enforcement and politicized violence has a history.” — Maureen Mullarkey: The Left’s 1960s Violence Is Back

listing issues – “Instead of addressing concerns about deceit, Wray confirmed Republicans’ suspicions that the FBI does engage in politicized investigations” — Jordan Boyd: FBI Director Sets New Record For Lies, Dodges, And Obfuscations To Avoid Slight Attempts At Congressional Oversight – The Federalist

where’s the power? – “It is obvious to even the most casual of observers that are two tiers of justice within the U.S. … Wray’s display at the hearing is proof of those ominous signs that the U.S. is drifting away from the values on which it was founded.” — Rajan Laad: FBI Director Christopher Wray puts on a disgraceful display – American Thinker

wiggle is a dance that implies deceit – “four exchanges proved intriguing — and potentially insightful” — Margot Cleveland: Grassley’s Questioning Of Wray Suggests Bigger Biden Scandal == “With this guarantee now public, the question for the “patriots working their tails off,” as Sen. John Kennedy called the FBI agents not implicated in wrongdoing during yesterday’s hearing, is whether they will come forward to out the bad apples. If not, are they really patriots working their tails off? Or are they really just trying to save their hides”

take the test -“I would challenge the media and other Democrats to look at the above policies and state exactly which ones are extreme and why” — Jack Hellner: Whose policies are middle of the road, and whose policies are extreme? – American Thinker

abandoned principles – “It’s been known since 2015, when Donald Trump first came down the escalator, that the Bush family’s allegiance is entirely with the Obama-Biden claque” — Andrea Widburg: Dick Cheney lashes out at Trump in a campaign ad for daughter Liz – American Thinker

sane world? you’re kidding, right? – “This is shocking, or would be in a sane world: Gina McCarthy, the Biden administration’s National Climate Advisor, is openly calling on tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor any dissent from the administration’s “green” fantasies” — John Hinderaker: Biden Administration Calls For Censorship On Energy | Power Line

social cancer (Imprimus) – “Complaints by veteran soldiers about younger generations who lack discipline and traditional values are as old as war itself. Grizzled veterans in the Greek phalanx, Roman legions, and Napoleon’s elite corps all believed that the failings of the young would be the ruin of their armies. This is not the chief worry of grizzled American veterans today” — Thomas Spoehr: The Rise of Wokeness in the Military | Imprimis — “My hope and my prayer are that we figure this out before it is too late”

tunnel vision – “leftist climate changistas, who have amassed dangerous and extraordinary power, are ignorant about history and base all their predictions on a very infantile and narrow range of observable data” — Andrea Widburg: Down Under, nature is doing just fine without Greenie interference – American Thinker


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