exposing a long series of sophistries

History. with context – “The Dakota War is perhaps the darkest chapter in our state’s history” — John Hinderaker: Revisionist History, Revisited | Power Line

It’s time for choosing – “You either believe in laws or you believe in mob rule … Voters need to find out who is for or against mob rule, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. We are not going to be a free or decent society otherwise” — Thomas Sowell  The Point of No Return

Who will need a lawyer? – “What is the difference between an EUA “vaccine” under President Trump and the same one under President Biden?  One was available and the other became mandatory.” — Mark A. Hewitt: The Covid ‘Vaccine’ Scam – American Thinker — “The courts are overturning their tyrannical edicts”

the farce of equity – “the hackneyed shibboleth of the Left – Diversity is our strength – stands in direct contradiction to our original national motto” — Janet Levy: The Fightback Against Racial Quotas – American Thinker — “isn’t that what the Left wants? E pluribus chaos, a complete inversion of uniquely American ideals that seek unity while respecting diversity”

“The mob focuses its noisemaking and blather on Marxist theories of oppression and class or group/ethnic/tribal conflict and oppressions, always with an anti-American and anti–traditional Western civilization theme fortified by memes, canards, and propagandist rhetoric” — John Dale Dunn, M.D.: National Association of Scholars position statement on transgenderism insanity – American Thinker — “The transgenderism ideology is mainly a weapon against the autonomy of the family, which is where our civilization “reproduces” itself generation upon generation.  Disrupting the way in which boys grow into men and girls grow into women is a powerful assault on our civilization.  That some children are susceptible to this assault is no great surprise. Children are susceptible to all sorts of manipulation.  That such manipulation is now touted as respect for the “freedom” of children is pure evil”

Declining a visit to the pig pen – “Normal Americans, however, understand that people who refer to you as “a negligent, homicidal sociopath” and “Death-Santis [and] a fascist and a bigot” are not doing to treat you with respect.  More significantly, they are not interested in a substantive conversation about politics and policies” — Andrea Widburg: Gov. Ron DeSantis gives the perfect rebuff to ABC’s The View – American Thinker

beyond propaganda – “An entire North Carolina police department resigned, and CNN is desperate to hoax it into a racial issue” — Nolte: CNN’s Latest Anti-Cop Race Hoax Is a Doozy of Desperation

Watts station audit – “We decided long ago that the climate zealots would never back down, no matter that the facts say. Their fanaticism knows no bounds. So all we can do is bring the truth whenever we are able. We see no reason people should live in fear and guilt.” — Climate Emergency? What A Crock, Part 2 – Issues & Insights


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