What’s real, anyway? and why would it make any difference?

dealing with difficult people – “This is probably the best reason to approach these contentious issues as a happy warrior.  You have to think that pro-freedom patriot personalities are having a good time in ultimately destroying an ideology that can’t be the least bit honest about it’s true nature” — D. Parker: Why don’t we just destroy the left with laughter? – American Thinker

the narrative starts here – “How you call something shapes the meaning in your mind and manipulates your point of view” — Clarice Feldman: Naming Things – American Thinker — “In countless ways, the Left and its front — the Biden Administration — play mind games with us. Don’t go along with this; it’s mind-numbing and only leads to stupid, often dangerous policies”

book review – “And now they’re everywhere, from the school board in rural Texas to the White House Situation Room in charge of our national security.  They’re destroying our entertainment, our educational system, our economy, our military, canceling comedians and polluting movies and attacking America directly at its foundation” — Blaine L. Pardoe: The Woking Dead: A vogue virus and how to stop it – American Thinker — “The Woking Dead will make you shake your fist, laugh, and above all see how to truly make America great — and keep it great — by crushing the woke zombie hordes”

knows no bounds – “Even our Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the political hackery on display in Fulton County, a motion filed late Friday in a Georgia federal court by Sen. Lindsey Graham’s legal team makes clear.” — Margot Cleveland: Georgia Dem DA’s Political Hackery Would Have Framers Spinning — “Democrats may not care now, and they may never care about the Constitution, but they would be wise to worry about payback”

who’s your hero? – “his departure (even if temporary) is a great loss to students, the law school and free speech” … “combines a legendary career with one of the most inspiring life stories in the history of the court. Whatever the reason for his cessation in teaching, he deserves our thanks. – He also deserved better. He deserved greater public support from individual faculty members. He deserved greater understanding from students. He deserved an equally vocal counter-campaign in support of free speech and a diversity of viewpoints at the university” — Justice Thomas’ Withdrawal Exposes The Growing “Unavailability” of Diverse Opinions in Higher Education – JONATHAN TURLEY — “This is why many choose to remain silent as the mob pursues their colleagues. For those tagged as dissenters, the atmosphere is perfectly Robespierrean”

flagrant — “If Democratic lawmakers had to comply with federal truth-in-advertising laws, they’d all be up on charges … If the law won’t charge Democrats with engaging in flagrant false advertising, voters will have to punish them by kicking anyone who voted for this “Inflation Lie Act” out of office” — The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Is A Lie, Pure And Simple – Issues & Insights

book review (by a target) “The focus is Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court in 2018. Dissent is full of errors, and I make an appearance early on” — Mark Judge: Weak Dissent. Another Lazy, Dumb, and Error-Packed Book About Me in High School – The Stream

Graphs and charts and numbers – oh, my!“At its core, the human body is a symphony of chemical reactions” — Doomberg: New England is an Energy Crisis Waiting to Happen

A list — “As we swelter in the dog days of summer, even crotchety ol’ Grandpa Silas is starting to wonder if there might be something to this “climate change” thing after all” — Climate Change Is Real. Here Are 10 Undeniable Proofs | Babylon Bee — “Was your mind changed? We hope so. Now give the government hundreds of billions of dollars to solve this problem, as they’ve done such a great job with everything else”

classic Feynman still relevant “called out scholars who believe in things they don’t understand” — Don Surber: The cargo cult of climate change


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