just can’t have it – TDS, ethanol, fifth columns, and contingency plans

the OODA loop in practice – “These joint Deep State and media efforts will only increase as the 2022/24 elections approach.  They are likely to become even more violent, extreme, and outrageous if the liberals/socialists think they might lose political power” — Robert Merz, Propaganda and Disinformation in the Information Age – American Thinker

inroads to insurgency by any means – “No country can survive a huge fifth column dedicated to its destruction” — Andrea Widburg, While we’re complacent, the Caliphate marches on…in Houston – American Thinker

listing contingencies — “Rest assured, if what I fear might happen, happens, we will be blamed for it. And the fire next time will make their reaction to Jan. 6 look like a marshmallow roast. I don’t know which possibility is scarier: that they haven’t thought any of this through, or that they have” — Michael Anton, They Can’t Let Him Back In | Compact Mag

Ditto that – “there is a very specific Progressive political subclass that uses the useful idiots as its foot soldiers, but that actually has an even more nihilistic view of our country. As Michael Anton points out in his superb “They Can’t Let Him Back In,” this political class hates America just as ferociously as the young leftists do” — Andrea Widburg, A superb article exposes the fissures in America – American Thinker — “You cannot counter an opponent’s tactics if you refuse to recognize either the tactics or the goals that drive it”

Here are the numbers – “The claim that ethanol is a renewable fuel is not only dubious, it is a lie.” — Mac Madden, Ethanol must go! – American Thinker


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