legislative graffiti and other people’s pain for gain

gaining perspective — “I allowed my distaste for Trump’s personality to override his virtues, which are considerable” — M.B. Mathews, I was wrong about Trump – American Thinker — “Had it not been for the vehement and irrational hatred of Trump, we never would have discovered that our own security and intelligence structures are compromised”

A list – “If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard a thousand times: all they want is “commonsense,” “sensible,” or “reasonable” gun control.  Except they never define those terms — on purpose” — D. Parker, Yep, it’s true! They’re coming for your guns. – American Thinker — “Anti-liberty leftists are playing another game of bait and switch — scaring everyone over the scourge of “assault weapons” but then expanding their reach to just about everything else. – Such is the usual of authoritarian socialists, exploiting other people’s pain for their political gain”

Dictatorship via Congress – “In introducing the legislation, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.), Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.), and others have left no question that this is just the latest effort to change the balance of the Court in favor of a liberal majority. Such comments make the bill seem like little more than legislative graffiti.” — JonathanTurley, “Rebalance the Bench”: Democrats Introduce Sweeping Changes for the Supreme Court — “From Congress to the press to academia, the very foundation of the Court is being challenged. What is notable is that these are also the voices of some of the most powerful figures in our society”

List within list of perfidy on parade – “Cheney and Kinzinger should be ashamed to go on TV with journalists who have colluded with Democrats to continually lie as they sought to destroy Trump and infect the U.S with a radical leftist agenda” — Jack Hellner, It is the children of Kinzinger, Cheney and other Democrats who will be ashamed for the intentional destruction of America – American Thinker

Will there be accountability? – “In the law, we call that “the smoking gun,” for it seems to provide solid proof that Joe Biden sold access to the United States government, with his louche, debauched son as the bagman” — Andrea Widburg, We’ve finally got confirmation that Joe was ‘the Big Guy’ all along – American Thinker

Lawful futility? – “The letter makes out a good, detailed case of journalistic malpractice and bias. But do CNN’s actions constitute actionable defamation? The conventional wisdom is that under current law, it is almost impossible for any public figure to win a defamation case. And if it is almost impossible for anyone, it is triply impossible for Donald Trump” — John Hinderaker, Trump Sues the B*stards | Power Line

Fanatic focus is often blind – “One tragic wrong turn in American culture was feminists framing political activism as the only form of power, and employment as the one path to achievement” — Trish Randall, Regaining Female Powers – American Thinker — “Another hopeful trend comes from the days of my grandmothers. The WWII generation had a massive female workforce — the very employment situation that feminists have been pushing for nearly a century. Women were doing every kind of work from office jobs to the heaviest of heavy industry. But once the war was over, and the men came home, these competent working women rushed to the suburbs and initiated the baby boom. This is history people might enjoy seeing repeated”

Describing the problem – “A key impediment to our Constitutional Republic became clear in 1944 when Alexander Trachtenberg (1885-1966) declared at the National Convention of Communist Parties held at New York City’s Madison Square Garden in 1944” … “We may never know what the operative facts are behind our crazy times, but no conspiracy theory is needed to see the treachery against us by Marx-minded leaders and technocratic heavyweights with little regard for human life and less for truth.” — Anthony J. DeBlasi, Making Sense of Our Crazy Times – American Thinker — “A most alarming barrier to sane and humane progress is the abandonment of the original mission of Christian church leaders”

Feet to the fire, maybe – “there is at least the glimmer of accountability in the U.K. How about here in America?” — John Hinderaker, The Trans Fiasco: Will There Be an Accounting? — “How has this horror show come to be? I confess to puzzlement. Generally the Left is not hard to figure out. Leftists want power and money, and if you examine their policies with this in mind, they pretty much always make sense. But today’s gender hysteria is hard to understand within that framework”


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