Never give up, never surrender no matter how far from reality you are

Perverts unite! (seems they already have) – “the best rule of thumb is that people for whom sex is the central aspect of their life are (a) not living a mentally or physically healthy lifestyle and (b) shouldn’t be around children” —  Andrea Widburg, A look at the ‘open love” Kamala wants in your child’s classroom – American Thinker

Leadership on parade – “Trump urged his audience to remain united and never bow before the totalitarian Democrats” —  Rajan Laad, Trump delivers a rousing campaign speech in Arizona – American Thinker — “It was a treat to watch Trump in sterling form regale an enthusiastic crowd with his speech, his humor, and his command over the material. – Contrast this with what is occurring currently.”

True color showing“Hide as she might behind activist judges, Whitmer’s budget vetoes show she and her fellow Democrats don’t value women — only abortion” —  Margot Cleveland, Pro-Abortion Whitmer Slashed Maternity Care From State Budget

good advice for personal lobbying —  , The Most Effective Way to Let Your Congressman Know You Oppose Gun Control – The Truth About Guns

responding to the assault — “The plan that NAS proposes to stop the invasion is to Audit the Academic Administrative State and stop the pronouncements of anti-racist and radical reformations, end the DEI leavened mission statements, diversity plans, accreditation and faculty hiring and tenure policies, research and curriculum changes, new bureaucracies and administrative changes intended to promote DEI policies” —  John Dale Dunn, The National Association of Scholars Takes on the Marxists in Education – American Thinker

history lesson — “For much of history, slavery was as fundamental to society as agriculture” —  Kay S. Hymowitz, Uniquely Bad—But Not Uniquely American | City Journal — “What set America apart from other slaveholding societies, and what continues to curse the country to this day, was not slavery per se but its racialization” … “Douglass understood the omnipresence of human cruelty and the rarity of freedom. Painful as it must have been for him to do so, he conceded about the men who had compromised away his freedom, that they “were great in their day and generation.” – To understand the truth of that qualified praise is to understand the complexities of our history—and of any history. And it is another level on which the 1619 Project fails utterly”

listing what’s gone awry — “Alienating half the country is not a wise strategy of military recruitment” —  Victor Davis Hanson, How To Erode the World’s Greatest Military › American Greatness — “Such military social engineers unfortunately appear to share contempt for a large group of Americans who voted for a president they despised. And this is a fact warmly welcomed by our worst enemies abroad”

describing the stock in trade – “How the climate of fear turned a heatwave into a catastrophe” — Tim Black, Apocalypse from now on? – spiked

here’s a list for guidance — “Don’t let the staged show in Canada with both Pope Francis and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in feathered head dress diminish your faith in God Almighty” —  Judi McLeod, Hang Tightly Onto Your Faith, It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride | Canada Free Press

A lesson in psychiatry — “Screaming hatred is a danger signal in everyday life, and it tells us to get away from the screamer as fast as possible” … “The quality of a person’s rage can be diagnostic.  Malignant narcissists like Hitler are fairly rare, but psychologists have learned to look for three big personality traits: grandiose narcissism, Machiavellian manipulation of others, and sociopathy — the absence of feelings of guilt.  This is called the Dark Triad of personality traits” —  , Narcissistic Rage on the Left – American Thinker

somebody else gets the bill— “Virtue-signaling, not issue resolution, is the main driver of leftist activism” —  J.A. Frascino, Unintended Consequences? So What? – American Thinker — “The warm glow of virtue-signaling is the primary reward for their activism.  Real-world outcomes and unintended consequences of their activism are of little importance”

listing the factors involved — “Conservation is impossible without trade-offs. Apocalyptic climate predictions and changes in temperature have long been leveraged as ways to end the debate over trade-offs. That strategy’s effectiveness has been mixed. Looking closely at EVs, at Colorado drivers’ needs, the state’s weather, and the real-world money calculus, electric cars are a hard sell” —  I.S. Petersen, EVs are Big in Colorado; But Are They Really?

persistent used to be a good thing — “D.A. Willis’s entire special grand jury investigation equally benefits the entire Democrat Party, as well as her political future” — Margot Cleveland, Georgia DA Has Been Struck Down By Two Courts. It’s Not Enough


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