What’s with this Trump obsession?

“Why has the Left in America been in this unhealthy non-stop state of hyperventilation since Trump came down the escalator in 2015?” —  Richard McDonough, The Distinction between Hyperventilation and Actual Evidence – American Thinker — “The establishment, including elites on both sides of the aisle, does not want change. Unlike the American people, they are all doing very well with things as they are—hence the need to circumvent democracy with yet another hoax and prevent the voters from being allowed to choose Trump again in 2024.”

“What had been a slow and long march through the institutions these last hundred years has taken on such urgency today that the communists have scurried out of their usual hiding places in the shadows to prance around before us in broad daylight!” —  J.B. Shurk, The Globalist Effort to ‘Get Trump’ Is Backfiring…Bigly! – American Thinker — “For years, concerned Americans have been warning others about the poisonous onslaught of government tyranny enveloping the nation, and too many warnings fell on deaf ears.  In their zeal to “get” Trump and squeeze his voters into submission, though, the globalists’ treachery is backfiring”

“The Left and the Swamp of both parties hate Trump with the heat of a thousand suns because they feel the sting of the voters’ rejection from 2016” —  Jonathon Moseley, Some Lessons from January 6 Committee Finale – American Thinker

“Nothing strikes terror into Leftist hearts like the idea that God exists or that there will be another Trump presidency” —  M.B. Mathews, The terror of a Trump presidency – American Thinker

“As Luis Cornelio writes at ElAmericano.com, there is something unarguably wrong with our Justice Department. It is a shame that it is allowing itself to be used by the partisan hacks of the J6 Committee, despite the committee’s extensive record of violating basic principles of judicial processes.” —  , Tulsi Gabbard Exposes DoJ Hypocrisy Over Bannon Contempt Conviction | ZeroHedge

“the judiciary committees of these legislative bodies, must hold hearings on the politicization by the Democrats of the judicial process — for the purpose of making certain that the constitutional travesty of the “January 6” show trials (for enhancing their “drama” according to the New York Times T.V. reporter) never again threatens to undermine our governmental institutions” —  David Zukerman, Was Bannon found guilty because jury and judge feared a mob reaction if he were acquitted? – American Thinker

“The skeptical philosopher David Hume is one of the giants not just of the Enlightenment, but of the whole history of philosophy. But that was not enough to save him from being canceled in his native Scotland” —  John Hinderaker, Canceling David Hume | Power Line — “outside of a few select fields like engineering and medicine, it is hard to make a case that “higher education” confers a net benefit on society. As long as the current nonsense continues, donors to universities should seriously consider whether their money would do more good, or less harm, elsewhere”

“This is all to “save the planet,” of course. The current world population is around 8 billion. And while the Georgia Guidestones may be nothing but dust now, it’s reasonable to believe that it states a target world population that sits very well with the World Economic Fund and its acolytes around the world: Fewer than 500 million people. The rest of us are extraneous and would be better as natural fertilizer than as living, breathing CO2 polluters” —  Andrea Widburg, Ireland joins Canada and the Netherlands in contributing to world famine – American Thinker

“You and I pay more in electricity rates and taxes, while the Communist Chinese and a handful of Americans and Europeans make out like bandits.” —  John Hinderaker, More Evidence of the Pointlessness of Wind and Solar

ambulance chasers update — “Gillam, Bush and Ryerson established two conclusions early on. They first asserted that glyphosate exposure has driven increases in serious diseases, and, second, that chemical companies and regulators have suppressed research that vindicates this conclusion. Both claims are patently false.” — Cameron English. Science-Free Webinar: Carey Gillam’s Latest Glyphosate Hysteria, Debunked

“Earth’s climate history is written in the rocks.  Anyone who cares to read that record will see that recurring Ice Ages, not global warming, pose the greatest threat to life on Earth” —  Viv Forbes, What Greens don’t get about volcanoes, oceans, and weather – American Thinker — “Someone should ask the new Green Government of Australia, “If emissions of CO2 are the problem, why have we banned emissions-free nuclear power?”

“This crisis attacks science at its root: if an experiment cannot be replicated, it’s failed the most basic definition of science” —  Andrea Widburg, Tucker Carlson targets up a serious, dangerous crisis in American science – American Thinker — “If you want another example of corrupt science, don’t forget the failed computer models, failed predictions, failed replication, and entirely successful floods of money that have entirely corrupted any credible studies in the climate science arena.”


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