The art of the smear spread thick and vile

intimidation and harassment — “The 65 Project will spend millions this year trying to expose and disbar more than 100 lawyers who worked on Trump’s election lawsuits … The goal is to prevent conservative attorneys from challenging election results in the future” … “It’s an insidious attack on democracy when you attack the lawyers who were trying to ensure that elections are free and fair.” —  Victoria Marshall, More Than 100 Trump-Affiliated Lawyers Targeted By Dark Money Group

history lesson — “An example from Mexican history demonstrates that concerned parents can overcome a Marxist school indoctrination program.  This one grew out of the 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution. The resulting socialist government that followed had closed all Catholic schools and taken over all public education” … “To date, the sexual grooming process in America has not quite reached the level of insanity Father Parsons witnessed in 1935 Mexico — at least not yet.  But unless American parents and legislators get more deeply involved in protecting our children from this “modern” sexual depravity, it could end up as extreme here as in 1930s Mexico.  Radical leftists should remember this Mexican history when pushing their degeneracy against parent’s wishes” —  James Stansbury, Revolution and the Minds of Children – American Thinker

TDS is real and dangerous – “I can tell you that Olsen is unfailingly an absurdly decent and uncommonly pleasant person. Still, there is obviously some entrenched hatred smoldering below his kind surface, laser-focused against Donald Trump … Olsen’s opinion is just one of many that are wrong with today’s Republican party” —  Emily Harvey, DC RINOs Campaign Against Trump-Endorsed Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake – American Thinker — “With their DC megaphones, Olsen and Pence could have written about the Biden administration’s horrifying economic and foreign policy disasters: uncontrolled illegal immigration, runaway inflation (and the consequent economic and public health ramifications), threats to the Supreme Court, defunding the police, the ridiculously mismanaged COVID pandemic, the ridiculous Dr. Anthony Fauci, the loss of American energy independence, Americans’ concern about “the most secure election in American history,”™ along with the cornucopia of Joe Biden’s cognitive, plus numerous ethical and personal matters centered around his son, Hunter Biden or his outrageous personal obsessions with illegal narcotics and depraved fetishes as detailed on his laptop.”

Practicing the art of the smear — “The Jan. 6 Committee is expanding its target list to include any other potential GOP White House rival” —  Tristan Justice, J6 Committee’s Footage Of Sen. Hawley Is Exceedingly Dishonest

“the smoking gun is a memo from the Inspector General which reveals that President Trump wanted to avoid – not incite – violence … the President wanted the National Guard to keep the peace, while the FBI and US intelligence was warning of impending violence – and the January 6th Committee has no interest in getting to the bottom of it” —  Tyler Durden, Myth Busted: Trump Ordered Officials To ‘Make Sure’ J6 Was ‘Safe Event’ | ZeroHedge


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