Ruthless pursuit never ends well but thew pursuers never seem to learn

” Since when has changing an inept messenger ever changed a disastrous message?” — Victor Davis Hanson, The Left Should Be Happy with Biden › American Greatness — “Now the Left is looking for a younger, more charismatic, and more glib replacement president to advance their stale unpopular agendas.”

“That’s the reality, now that filthy-mouthed and potentially violent protesters are getting away with such deeds against Justice Brett Kavanaugh and now his neighbors … Washington, D.C. being Washington, D.C., the Post noted that these harassed residents are hardly conservatives” —  Monica Showalter, Pro-abortion protestors now moving on to harassing the entire neighborhood where Brett Kavanaugh lives – American Thinker — “now these crazed protests, completely unchecked by law or common decency, are the standard”

“This type of attack on biology and sensible reasoning is a tactic used by those who want to silence any form of disagreement with even the most mentally defective behavior coming from a tiny fraction of society” —  Bob Weir, Do logic and sound reasoning make you transphobic? – American Thinker — “the radical left has become so ruthless in its pursuit of antibiological dogma that they’re willing to distort science and reality if it means giving them a bit more power”

“This was a huge slap in the face to every single January 6 defendant who was imprisoned and prosecuted for “parading” or otherwise trespassing in the Capitol” —  Andrea Widburg, The Capitol Police rebel against the DOJ’s failure to prosecute the ‘Colbert Nine’ – American Thinker — “The statement is addressed to Rep. Rodney Davis and Rep. Jim Jordan, who had asked about the incident with the Colbert employees … This letter confirms what conservatives have long suspected: what we are seeing played out in the Biden administration is an openly ideologically corrupt judicial system.  This cannot end well”

“Just The News has revealed that the Justice Department deliberately buried the documents, preventing Trump’s declassification order from going into effect … As Meadows’s memo makes clear, the DOJ did not have the authority to refuse to release the documents – he said he wasn’t surprised at all because the administrative state — which was supposed to report to the president — instead constantly thwarted him” —  Andrea Widburg, New evidence emerges of the DOJ’s commitment to the Russia Hoax – American Thinker — “This is statism in its purest form, and this entity views citizens as widgets whose only purpose is to feed it”

“The goal of this Stalinist propaganda trial and every shady trick they play, was, is, and always has been to prevent Trump from running for president again in 2024. This is a sequel to the Russia collusion probe whose goal was to force Trump to quit the presidency” —  Rajan Laad, So let’s look at some of the outtakes of Trump’s speeches from January 6 committee… – American Thinker — “We are living in times where immutable norms, which were once considered sacrosanct, are being violated before our eyes without much contemplation”

“Joe Biden has been revealed to be a grifter who tolerated his own very compromised son’s illegal escapades in order to build his family’s wealth. And then he lied about it, repeatedly. What’s shocking is how long it’s gone on” — Is The Joe Biden Crime Family Finally Breaking Apart? – Issues & Insights — “we now have not just the most incompetent administration in history, but perhaps the most corrupt one, as well”

“Environmental activism became a lucrative business, in the form of non-profit revenues and income from corporate consulting” —  Jeffrey Folks, Saving the Planet, or Themselves? – American Thinker — “The truth is that we are facing a climate catastrophe — in the form of trillions of worthless spending on so-called renewables”


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