equity in the barnyard?

“Some Capitol Hill illegal trespassers are more equal than others” — Legal Insurrection Staff, Charges Dropped Against The “Colbert 9” After Illegal Entry Into Capitol

“A nation cannot withstand a two-tiered justice system or an arbitrary and capricious justice system.  Eventually, the people on the downside of such a system decide to take the law into their own hands.  That way lies anarchy and the end of a nation.  That inevitability is what makes so inexplicable the Biden Justice Department’s increasingly open embrace of a double standard” — Andrea Widburg, Stephen Colbert’s staff gets the white glove treatment from the DOJ – American Thinker

another retrospective prompted by John O’Connor  — Bruce Bawer, Exploding the Watergate Myth | FrontpageMag

“The soul of phantom voter fraud is the occasional, non-committed voter.  They show up at the last minute, delivering winning margins” … “Voter integrity teams learned that chasing 2020 voter fraud after the election is too late. – Some leading election integrity teams are stopping phantom voter fraud before it impacts elections”– Jay Valentine, Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting…Right Now – American Thinker

“There are 123 statutory powers that might be available to a president when he declares a national emergency.  An additional thirteen would require a declaration from Congress.  The most recent emergency power law is the National Emergencies Act, enacted in 1976, which ended all previous national emergencies and formalized the powers of the president.  Under this law, repealing an emergency power would take two thirds of both houses of Congress” — Mac Madden, Presidential emergency powers are a serious problem – American Thinker

“If there was one lesson the Democrats learned from 2020 forward, it was that, if the government convinces voters there’s an emergency, the voters will let the government get away with murder” — Andrea Widburg, Democrats hope Biden uses the climate to takeover and destroy the economy – American Thinker

“What we’re seeing in academia is the intellectual decadence that marked the end-stage Roman Empire or Weimar Germany.  If sane Americans don’t pull the culture back from this abyss of fantasy, stupidity, and ignorance, we’re doomed” — Andrea Widburg, The arrant nonsense of woke anthropologists’ stance on human remains – American Thinker

“Interesting verb choices like these are a common feature of the left’s abortion rhetoric” … “For 50 years, the abortion movement has trafficked in disinformation and fraud, from the earliest lies about “blobs of tissue” and a “necessary evil” to the latest: that abortion is “health care,” safer than childbirth, and a “positive good”– T.R. Clancy, Necromancers: Leftists in power conspire to bring Roe v. Wade back from the dead – American Thinker

“The argument made by the bill’s sponsor, Annie Rice (D), appears rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of the law. … Citizens of St. Louis have many pressing concerns that must be addressed.  Instead of jumping on the political third rail that is the abortion debate, the aldermen should instead focus on areas where there is little controversy and disagreement to be found” — Tyler C. Chrestman, St. Louis chooses to fund abortions – American Thinker

“Since Marxist and communist ideas could never become popular in the United States if their lineage were known, these had to be introduced by subterfuge” — Richard McDonough, The Marxist Roots of the Feminist ‘Patriarchy’ Narrative – American Thinker



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