Twisting perceptions for emotional comfort – we all pay for the result

“the practice of starting an event with a statement that the land on which the event is taking place once belonged to particular groups of Native Americans. It is easy to dismiss these as ahistorical nonsense, laden with sentimentality. But there is another way to look at these statements that demonstrate American exceptionalism.” … “The next time you hear a land acknowledgement, keep it in perspective. Take it as a reminder to be thankful that you live in a country that, while built on conquest, rose above the typical indifference of conquerors.” — M. Todd Henderson, The Folly of Land Acknowledgements | Opinion

“Their methodology obscures the vast majority of actual material to consider if one were honestly engaging the problems” — Mollie Hemingway, NeverTrump’s Latest Attempt To Dismiss Election Concerns Is Dishonest

“Some Capitol Hill illegal trespassers are more equal than others” — , Charges Dropped Against The “Colbert 9” After Illegal Entry Into Capitol


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