Now, just who is crude, rude, vulgar, etc?

“I want to draw attention to several articles that illustrate that culture change and culture challenge is very much a two way street” .. “candidates for office will need to be far more forthcoming on the issues. Hiding behind faceless bureaucrats in regulatory agencies won’t cut it. That’s a cultural issue too—no regulation without representation. The fight continues, but for the first time since 2016 we have solid grounds for optimism” — Briefly Noted: On The Cultural Front – by Mark Wauck

“There are historical downsides — economic, cultural, social, and military — to nations that shun child-raising. – They shrink in size, age, no longer believe in transcendence, become mostly agnostic or atheistic, and obsess on the self. – And sometimes they eventually become dysfunctional — and slowly disappear” —  Victor Davis Hanson, The Disappearing American? – PJ Media

“all is not sweetness and light in America—there are crazed mass killers on the loose, for example. Who or what is behind this? Tucker offers some food for thought” —  , OMG: Tucker Goes There, There, And There – by Mark Wauck

“Psychological projection is the act of attributing one’s unpleasant traits to someone else. Psychological deflection is a way of shifting attention away from one’s poor behavior to another person. Both are used expertly by Democrats, who don’t want the voters to catch on to their act.” … “As soon as Democrats say “we’re going to give you something,” they’ve already made it clear they’re taking that “something” from someone else, who then loses their freedom. Democrats’ freedoms are in fact shackles” —  , Don’t Let The Democrats Claim The Mantle Of Freedom – Issues & Insights

“This is not the first time Democrats have manufactured evidence to support their allegations in a legal proceeding” —  Patricia Tolson via The Epoch Times, Attorneys Claim Government Manufacturing Evidence To Charge, Incarcerate Jan. 6 Prisoners | ZeroHedge

“The harassment of conservative Supreme Court justices manifested at Morton’s in the District of Columbia on Wednesday evening” … “Politico’s Ryan Lizza and Eugene Daniels seem to think it all a big joke. They run the scrupulously reported story in their morning round-up with the tag: “THE RIGHT … TO EAT DINNER.” —  Scott Johnson, Morton’s speaks up | Power Line



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