let’s take a closer look

“These shootings catch headlines and are terrible. On the other hand, the illegal fentanyl flooding the border and killing over 100,000 Americans per year is ignored. So we get people demanding an end to the Second Amendment, which is used defensively between 500,000 and 2.5 million times per year, based on a statistically small number of deaths, but we never hear from the same people a demand to close the border and crack down on drug smugglers and dealers, although their product confers no benefit on anyone and produces huge numbers of deaths, along with destroyed lives.” — The horrible shooting in Highland Park – Bookworm Room

“if you really need to see just how ineffective a gun ban would be, all you need to do is take a glimpse at a recent FBI report making the rounds a little while ago.” —  Michael A. Letts, Why Biden’s gun control solutions can’t possibly work – American Thinker (it’s the California example this time)

“There are a variety of evidence-based public policies that could be followed to address many of the major societal problems we have. The alternative to evidence-based policy, partisan political discourse has largely failed to come up with a solution for most of the major societal problems we face as each side just wants to promote inflammatory rhetoric that allows each side to evade responsibility for their shortcomings on a variety of important social issues. Unlike the failed (primarily political) policies we have heard trumpeted over the decades, there are very simple evidence-based policies that can be used to prevent mass shootings.” —  A Midwestern Doctor, A Major News Network has Finally Explored the Link Between Mass Shootings and SSRIs (both sides do it and logical fallacies taint the argument here)

“Justice Kagan has fallen hook, line and sinker for a preposterous end-of-days story of climate doom.  She has totally failed to distinguish a kernel of bona fide scientific learning from ridiculous scare stories peddled by charlatans” —  Francis Menton, How To Think Like A Liberal Supreme Court Justice — Manhattan Contrarian

“The reality is that the regulatory state as currently organized and operated is an obscene assault on our constitutional system.  The regulatory state has been enacted by neo-Marxist progressives and supported by cowardly jurists over the past century” — West Virginia v. EPA Part I: Roberts Puts A Band-Aid On The Regulatory State – Bookworm Room

“It’s been my lifelong observation that liberals are a mostly conflicted, tormented group suffering from mass psychosis. They wrap themselves up in do-good, virtue-signaling knots and then attempt to rationalize positions even they know are indefensible by putting forth the most tortured, illogical explanations imaginable. Merely calling those positions “lies” doesn’t go anywhere near far enough. Liberals have mastered the art of wanting to believe in a false reality, constructing a Bizarro Universe, while at the same time, excusing themselves for committing the very same transgressions against society and nature that they accuse others of doing” —  Steve Feinstein, The Mass Psychosis of Liberals – American Thinker

“He called the guy that invented Borking, tried to cancel freedom of speech, targeted parents as terrorists, threatened states that sought to protect children from sexual grooming, and tacitly condoned an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court justice “a genuinely good man.” —  John Green, Mitt Romney: Master troll – American Thinker

“Basketball player Brittney Griner was one of 4 athletes profiled by Glory on February 15 for insulting our national anthem … The WNBA did not make her a millionaire. Russia did. She didn’t follow their rules. Now she is learning that the Russian police are not as nice as those American police officers she maligned … They are both ingrates who show zero love of their native country” — Don Surber: Griner pulled a Kaepernick and now wants our help

“Putin’s original plan for Ukraine has failed. His response is escalation. The outcome is unclear. But the range of options is not unlimited, and history suggests the likely possibilities based on the way Russian statecraft and war operate” — James C. Bennett, Ukraine’s future: Finland or Cyprus? – Briefings For Britain



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