Puchback – enough and in time? A long road left to travel.

“These actions are obviously choreographed with the January 6 Committee because the FBI would have done all of this a year ago if they were real.” … “What conservative members of Congress, and Senators, and conservative activists need to do, however, is keep track of who handles these search warrants and subpoenas. When the day comes that there is a Republican president, a top priority must be given to driving everyone, no matter what their rank, who touched the paperwork or participated in carrying out these Stasi-like operations from the federal government.”–  streiff, Curious How the Department of Justice and FBI Are Trying to Bolster the Failing January 6 Commission, Isn’t It? – RedState

“The Left has been tempting fate since January 2021—applying its nihilist medicine to America on the premise that such a rich patient can ride out any toxic shock.” … “So, we can afford 120 days in 2020 of mass rioting, $2 billion in damage, some 35 killed, and 1,500 police injured.” —  Victor Davis Hanson, America Is More Fragile Than the Left Understands › American Greatness

“The FBI neglected to raid the homes of criminals like Hunter Biden and Michael Sussmann but raided the Veritas Project founder’s home based on a lie.” … “The only apparent criterion the FBI needs to raid the homes of American citizens is that those citizens have ever supported former President Donald Trump.” … “Democrats have weaponized the DOJ and the FBI as tools of political repression instead of justice.” —  Beth Whitehead, FBI Raids Target Democrats’ Political Foes Instead Of True Criminals

“The Iowa Republican listed a dozen other cases in which the United States Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute staffers” —  , Chuck Grassley slams Justice Department for not prosecuting employees for lying | Just The News

“Religious devotion, the keystone of ordered liberty in the West, has been under systematic assault by anti-religious forces Barr called an ‘atheocracy.’” —  Joy Pullmann, Barr: Public Schools Are So Hostile To Christians, They’re Unconstitutional

“Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s response was petty and rude” … “What a venal and irresponsible response to a sad event that will truly hurt already struggling Chicago and Illinois.”–  Mark Glennon, The Illinois Political Establishment’s Shameful Response To The Departure Of Ken Griffin And Citadel | ZeroHedge

“We had to fight hard to get Roe v. Wade overturned, and we can’t forget the hell they put us through to stop it.” —  Christopher Bedford, Never Forget How Vicious Was The Left’s Anti-Court Campaign

“The extent to which liberals have gone bananas over the Dobbs case is a phenomenon that demands explanation. Most liberals, after all, understand that the Court has not banned abortion, or in fact placed any limits on it whatsoever. It has simply remitted the issue of abortion to the political sphere where it was prior to 1973, and where it always has belonged, thus ending a half century of usurpation by the Court.” —  John Hinderaker, Why the Abortion Hysteria? | Power Line

here are six big ones —  Miranda Devine, The Democrats’ lies on abortion since SCOTUS’ overruling of Roe v. Wade

“Abortion extremists have been working for years to ensure that if Roe and Casey were overturned, abortion-on-demand would remain the law of the land.” … “Lock Down State Courts … Lying to the Public” —  Margot Cleveland, Post-Dobbs, The Abortion Battle Hits Activist State Courts

“Since they haven’t been able to destroy Justice Thomas after years of trying, they hope to get to him through his wife. It’s a sickening tactic.” … “The Democrat-controlled Congress apparently has contempt for each and every right enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The policy positions they push are all about destroying your private life. Let’s check them off, one by one.” —  Stella Morabito, Why The J6 Committee’s Attacks On Ginni Thomas Harm Every American

“This isn’t about truth, but about making it impossible for conservatives to successfully enter and leave government.” —  Margot Cleveland, Exclusive: WH Staffer Confirms Jan. 6 Committee Lied About DOJ Attorney

“Let’s review the news since Friday’s Supreme Court decision – a decision that gave power back to the people to decide what laws should apply when it comes to abortion. Riots. Arson. Calls to assassinate a sitting justice. Threats of violence against anyone who is pro-life.” … “Contrast the left’s vicious behavior today with the reaction of pro-lifers when the Roe decision came down in 1973” —  , The Left Aborts Its Right To Be Called Tolerant … Or Intelligent – Issues & Insights

“Among many other virtues, his opinions have managed the dual feat of laying out serious legal and constitutional arguments while trolling the left at the same time.” —  Steven Hayward, Thomas’s Moment | Power Line

“The Left wants to sidestep the law in its rush for power. We see that mindset on daily display from virtually every Democrat near a microphone. SCOTUS has begun to step on the brakes of that runaway train. The Justices who stood up to protect America owe their majority to Donald Trump. The rest of us should say a very loud, “Thank you.” —  Ted Noel, The Return To Constitutionalism Is Hidden In Plain Sight – American Thinker


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