Who’s responsible for what they do or think?

“The Supreme Court has finally ended its two-decades long punt on Second Amendment jurisprudence.” —  , 6 Takeaways From The Supreme Court Protection Of Self-Defense (but the Left can’t read and doesn’t care about legalities, anyway, unles it suits their fantasies)

“denying gun rights or creating a test that’s too onerous is racist.” … “Alito also took the court’s liberal minority to task for their emotional arguments untethered from the issue at hand” —  , Justice Thomas Vanquished Gun Grabbers in his Bruen Opinion

“The Bruen case has literally nothing to do with the DoJ, at least not in its legitimate law-enforcement capacity” … “f the DoJ is suddenly fired up to start “enforcing and defending federal firearms laws,” they can start by prosecuting people who try to game the background-check system despite being knowingly barred from firearms ownership” … “It certainly looks pretty strange to see the DoJ lecturing Supreme Court justices on enforcing the law when Garland and his team have been completely derelict in their duty to stop the intimidation campaigns aimed at these same justices. Strange, and entirely partisan.” —  Ed Morrissey, DoJ to SCOTUS on Bruen: We will just have to enforce federal law, then

“you’ve got pathologies that we didn’t have before. You’ve got the crime we didn’t have before. You’ve got the disintegration of families that you didn’t have before, disorder you didn’t have before. And they were things that were avoidable. You didn’t have to do that to poor people, and it’s just heartbreaking. Something has changed” —  , How liberal policies have killed black communities: Clarence Thomas

“Over the past weekend, Stephen Colbert staffers were caught trying to break into the US Capitol” — Will, Fox Raises Important Questions about Jan. 6th Prisoners Being Treated Differently than Captured Colbert Staffers

“In their rush to ‘do something,’ Republicans are supporting a vague, open-ended bill that will almost surely be abused” … “there is scant evidence that red flag laws do much to prevent violence. Most studies that contend to prove red flag laws work, do so by drilling into the consciousness of those who’ve lost their guns and predicting their behavior” —  : David Harsanyi, The ‘Do Something’ Gun Control Bill Does Little But Erode Rights

“Our late colleague and friend, psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz, spent sixty years of his life pounding home the chasm between mind (behavior) and disease (physical cell abnormality)” … “Diagnoses of mental illness are subjective judgments of behavior. Diagnoses of real disease, such as those made by pathologists and used in nosology, are made on the basis of cellular abnormality. The latter is objective;  the former is subjective” … “Focusing on “mental health” and “mental illness” does nothing more than allow government to randomly gain control of thousands of people absent any probable cause and absent any significant reduction of mass murders” —  Richard E. Vatz and Jeffrey A. Schaler, Psychiatric Failure in Confronting Mass Murderers

“Anyone who continues to call January 6 an armed insurrection and coordinated attack after the politicized FBI said it wasn’t is detached from reality” … “The choice is easier every day.  I will take the president who the media and other Democrats claim is detached from reality, who gave us peace, prosperity, rising wages, low inflation, energy independence, record-low poverty, and three vaccines over the corrupt, incompetent president, whom the media supports, who is destroying our country every day with his policies and blaming everyone else”–  Jack Hellner, Who are the people detached from reality and mentally incompetent to govern?

“The White House is refusing to share details about its coordinated efforts to engage in a federal takeover of election administration” —  Mollie Hemingway, Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections

“While Watergate has been covered extensively in these various media, some of the most important questions asked in 1972 about the puzzling caper remain unanswered in 2022” … “O’Connor has resurfaced with what he says are answers to all the other lingering Watergate mysteries.  His book refutes the conventional Watergate narrative of Nixonian evil uncovered by a pair of fearless, honest young reporters” … “Is Watergate historically linked to 9/11 and Russiagate?  O’Connor thinks so.  Before you congeal your doubts, read this intriguing work first.” —  Drew Allen, Mysteries of Watergate: What really happened?

“According to the ABIM, there is no need for a public forum between experts to determine what constitutes misinformation. That determination is made by the ABIM and its hand-selected doctors” … “Doctors are sheep. They follow what others do and don’t speak out. Nothing to gain by speaking out. You don’t want to lose your license too!” —  Steve Kirsch, ABIM: “There shall be no public accountability on our decision to de-certify Dr. McCullough”




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