Damn the cost! (or at least pretend it doesn’t exist)

Stolen Elections: A Tale of Two D.C. Courtrooms. Julie Kelly —  “Regardless of the verdicts for Sussmann and Hale, it’s increasingly clear Americans continue to live in two separate and unequal systems of government”

Why The Jury Should Convict Michael Sussmann Of Lying To The FBI, But Probably Won’t. Margot Cleveland — “The evidence prosecutors elicited from witnesses over the last two weeks provides overwhelming proof of Sussmann’s guilt”

The truth about the Russia Hoax is oozing out at the Sussmann trial. Ron F. Hale — “Certain lies are diabolically powerful. They are a malicious mixture of half-truths, the charismatic personality of the liar, and the work of unseen forces making the lie desirable”

There were WMDs in Iraq. Bob Ryan — “Between the Democrats, the media who serve as their propagandist, and those who have an irrational hatred of George W. Bush, there has been a refusal to give up the lie that nothing was found in Iraq”

We’re witnessing a destructive political machine at work. Terry Paulding — “It’s a sad thing that once-wonderful places to live have been so degraded.  We feel a force — a machine — pushing those changes, but we cannot see the machine itself”

When no one steps up to deal with violence and insanity. John Sexton —  “it could easily have gone differently. At what point would the men on the train have decided they’d seen enough and pin him to the floor?”

A tale of two Texas towns. John P. Kuchta, Jr. — “I am going to compare and contrast the attacks that both Uvalde and Garland endured, separated by just over seven years, with vastly different outcomes.”

The Trouble With Do-Somethingism on Guns, by David Harsanyi | Creators Syndicate — “Rather than focusing on these tangible entry points for potentially useful legislation, instead of proposing ideas on better identifying shooters before they act, instead of thinking about how schools could be structurally safer, instead of debating the efficacy of putting more cops in schools — and none of these are panaceas, mind you — Senate Democrats were busy dunking on Republicans for failing to support bills that have absolutely zero to do with mass shootings.”

Democrats Are Blatantly Stopping School Safety Measures to Create Anti-Republican Narratives. Brandon Morse — “The cacophony of “do something” was heard by Republicans” … “Schumer and the Democrats are playing politics, and for every game they play, more lives are put at risk”

Opposing DEI. Henry Kopel — “DEI advocates seem blind to the historical reality of humanity’s long and painful efforts to rise above our ancient, hard-wired tendencies towards tribal, “us-vs-them” division and violence. The flawed DEI teaching model would send us back down that violent rabbit hole. It should be opposed by all supporters of pluralistic liberal democracy, regardless of one’s race, creed, color, or political affiliation.”

The Day the Electricity Died. Frank Lasee.– “Don’t embrace large-scale wind and solar unless you’re happy to suffer increasingly frequent, widespread, and prolonged power outages—and the deaths and other losses they cost.”


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