Sometimes logic isn’t rational

The Inexorable Logic of Dictators. Steven Hayward — “Time to recall once again the counsel of Churchill” — “Make the suitable adjustments and names swaps, and this passage applies pretty well to the current situation”

Just in Time for the Apocalypse: Albrecht Durer and a Different Take on the Symbolism of the Four Horsemen. Richard Bledsoe — “It’s staggering how much we’ve all been deceived, and for how long. It’s going to be judgement day for many people, especially those who utilized Postmodern strategies of deception and groupthink as their means of power”

Google Just Declared War On The Most Accurate Pollster In America — And On Most Americans. I & I Editorial Board — “We only recently started showing up on Google’s hit list. But as of now, the tech giant is suppressing its ads on seven of our articles. They are (and the reason they gave):”


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